FarmVille: Super Crops arrive in Lighthouse Cove

Back at the end of July, FarmVille received a series of Super Crops on our Home Farm. These crops offer you plenty of XP and coins, like normal crops do, but require a bit of work to unlock them. First, you'll need to have mastered the original form of the crop, and then ask your friends to help unlock the final ability to plant them. Well, this feature apparently went over so well that Super Crops have come to Lighthouse Cove as well.

To be specific, you can now unlock and plant Super versions of Hay, Chandler Blueberries, Lady Slippers and Kennebec Potatoes. Again, to unlock each one of these crops, you will need to have first mastered the original version of the crop. When that step is done, you can ask six friends for help in "certifying" the crop, which helps you unlock the Super version. To be especially clear, you must unlock each crop individually. Just because you have mastered both Hay and Chandler Blueberries (as examples) and have gathered six certifications in one crop, you'll still need to do the same in the other crop as well.

Interestingly, the rest of the Lighthouse Cove crops don't have Super versions as of this writing, but you also now have access to planting Home Farm crops on your Lighthouse Cove, along with the Super Crops released previously. When and if other versions of Lighthouse Cove Super Crops pop up in the store, we'll make sure to let you know.

Have you already mastered any crops within Lighthouse Cove and are ready for Super versions? Will you focus on Super Crop mastery first, before mastering other "normal" crops? Sound off in the comments.