Cafe World Remy's Menu Goals: Everything you need to know

Way back in May of this year, we were introduced to a chef named Remy in Cafe World. Well, calling Remy a fully-fledged chef is a bit of a stretch - he's more of a Sous Chef. However, in the months since being introduced to you through Sous Chef goals, Remy has been studying every book he can find, and has come up with some ideas for new dishes. If you're willing to help him through a new eight-part goal series, those dishes can be yours.

Note: This looks like yet another goal series where the dishes you'll need to cook will be different from those listed here. In the end, your total cooking time across all goals should balance out, however.

Remy's Menu 1
  • Ask for 5 Remy's Menus
  • Serve 15 Veggie Sushi
  • Serve 15 Gem Cakes

Asking for Remy's Menus can be done once every four hours via a general news item posted on your wall.

Remy's Menu 2
  • Ask for 6 Jalapeno Peppers
  • Serve 25 Filipino Paellas
  • Ask for 8 Ripe Bananas

Regardless of the dishes you're required to cook here, you should be asked to collect the same ingredients, in the same quantities. Why? Well, they go into a new "Jalapeno Banana Mash" recipe that you'll receive for finishing this goal.

Remy's Menu 3
  • Ask for 7 Cooking Magazines
  • Serve 12 Luigi's Linguini
  • Serve 20 Creamy Corn Soup

Again, you'll need to ask for the Cooking Magazines regardless, but you may have to cook different kinds of soup, or even different dishes entirely to finish this one off.

Remy's Menu 4
  • Ask for 7 Plump Eggplants
  • Serve 30 Antipasto
  • Ask for 8 Bags of Corn Meal

After asking for these two ingredients, you'll receive another recipe: Eggplant Enchiladas. With this and Jalapeno Banana Mash, I have to give Remy one thing - his dishes certainly are creative.

Remy's Menu 5
  • Serve Ginger Ale 12 Times
  • Serve 18 Watermelon Gazpacho
  • Master Jalapeno Banana Mash to level 1

Ginger Ale is available to serve from your Drink Bar (on the Basics tab of the menu), and it costs 22 energy to create a single batch. You'll receive six servings in each batch, so at least this goal comes out evenly.

Remy's Menu 6
  • Master Eggplant Enchiladas to Level 1
  • Serve 20 Taste Lab dishes with White Rice
  • Spice 5 of your Dishes

It doesn't seem to matter which type of spice you use, so feel free to use Salts and Peppers if you have a ton of those lying around. As for the White Rice / Taste Lab requirement, this requires you to have completed the DishMaster to unlock Signature Dishes. White Rise is a base ingredient in new recipes, so if you create just a single dish containing White Rice and then serve it 20 times, you'll finish this task.

Remy's Menu 7
  • Ask for 8 Maple Bacon
  • Serve 30 Crackling Peking Ducks
  • Ask for 9 Cartons of Eggs

For finishing this goal, you'll receive perhaps the most ...interesting dish yet: Bacon Meringue Pie. Yum? Whether this truly tastes good or not, you'll need to serve this dish for the final goal, so let's get started.

Remy's Menu 8
  • Master Jalapeno Banana Mash to Level 2
  • Master Eggplant Enchiladas to Level 2
  • Serve Bacon Meringue Pie 14 Times

Again, by the time you reach the end of this particular goal series, your total cooking time should have evened out across all players, regardless of which particular dishes you were asked to cook throughout. That is, if you cooked a 30 minute dish for one goal, and your friend had to cook a two-hour dish, you will have to cook a longer dish later on to make up for it. We apologize that there's no way for us to predict each user's own dishes, but if Zynga ever decides to stop relying on such a "random" goal setup, we'll definitely let you know.

What do you think of these eight "Remy's Menu" goals, and the dishes you win within? Let us know in the comments.
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