70-Year-Old Bus Driver Bites Student Then Retires [VIDEO]

The bus driver took a stand.

After enduring weeks of torment, Florida school bus driver Hattie Yvonne Branch lashed out, and bit her 14-year old abuser, according to a report by the local My Fox Tampa Bay news outlet.

The last straw for Branch was an incident in which the 14-year-old student picked up a 5-year-old student and threw him over a seat. Branch was hit in the toss. Her legal representative doesn't excuse Branch's reaction, though.

"It was just unfortunate, and she believes it's unfortunate, and she's sorry that it ever happened," Julia Williamson told My Fox Tampa Bay.

With the threat of her firing looming, the 70-year-old Branch decided instead to retire. But that move may not head off all problems for the grandmother. Her 14-year old tormenter, whom she says would regularly curse at her, and threaten to break her jaw, will have child abuse charges filed on his behalf.

Branch is not the only recently embattled bus driver in America. As was reported on AOL Jobs in September, the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA) launched a search after a video surfaced showing one of their drivers throwing one passenger out of the bus.

"Get off the bus, get off the bus," says the driver in the video posted to the website iTube.

"I ain't done nothing to nobody or nothing," the passenger replies.

The WMATA was not amused by the incident.

"Completely unacceptable," WMATA spokesperson Dan Stessel wrote in an email to local news outlet WTOP. (The driver was identified by the WMATA on Sept. 9, but her name wasn't released, according to Washington City Paper.)

While no one is excusing the attack, D.C. bus drivers have much reason to be on guard. According to the D.C. transportation news outlet TBD.com, there were 90 assaults on city bus drivers in 2010 -- up from 71 in 2009. Those run-ins accounted for 32 percent of all assaults on the city's transportation system.

But sometimes there is a happy ending for the nation's bus drivers. As was also reported on AOL Jobs, the Long Island-based Educational Bus Company reinstated George Daw in August after firing him. They had terminated him because he "endangered welfare of students he was transporting when he picked up three unauthorized passengers." It turns out the three passengers were police officers parked in an unmarked car that was being flooded in New Hyde Park during a hailstorm.

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