Zombie Life on iPhone: A delightful dissertation on the drudgery of life

Zombie Life
Zombie Life

Leave it to flesh-eating cadavers to get you to laugh about the monotony of everyday life. The Playforge has released Zombie Life to iOS devices, its second game that takes the developer's beloved zombies from the farm and plops them into, well, life. Really, there isn't a more fitting description of Zombie Life: It's your job to successfully assimilate this zombie into human life.

You'll rise from your grave into your very own house, greeted by a talking earthworm that will guide you along the path to successfully blending in with the rest of society. And you might laugh out loud once or twice along the way. Your first order of business is to get rid of the stink of decayed flesh, so what do you do? Put on some deodorant like everyone else, silly. As you traverse from menial job to humble career, expending energy along the way, your freshness will deteriorate and give you away to passersby.

Yes, to successfully become a part of human society, you're going to have to get one of those ... jobs. And zombies hate them as much as you might, especially when zombies have to start at rock bottom. (Zombies are the 99 percent, too?) Your first gig, after reporting to the employment office, will be as a janitor at the local burger joint. While you can enter any building and buy items like clothing for your customized zombie, furniture for your house or items like deodorant to keep fresh, you're going to need to work to earn the coin to do so.


Each job seems to amount to a mini game of tapping on various objects, whether they be puddles, grocery bags or broken pipes, before they disappear. Doing so in good time will improve your performance score and hopefully net you a promotion. While you can work each job until you earn five promotions and a full uniform, you can move on to the next gig much earlier. And this is the main hook of Zombie Life: Bettering your zombified self through hard work and dedication, and seeing the fruits of your labor in the clothes you wear and the things you own.

Well, that's what the studio hopes will keep you hooked until it adds Facebook Connect-powered social features through which your zombie friends will roam your neighborhood, showing off what they've accomplished. (This all sounds vaguely familiar, no?) For a little game that takes place within your 4-inch or 10-inch screen, Zombie Life is a shockingly affecting if adorable statement on everyday life. And a hilarious one at that.

Zombie Life gameplay
Zombie Life gameplay

With its lackadaisical, piano-driven tune on loop as you roam the streets, chomping on citizens to boost your happiness just before clocking into your humdrum job, it's hard not to let out a smirk or a chuckle for how close Zombie Life hits home. (Look, if there was never a time in your life when you didn't feel like a zombie, well, then you haven't worked like the rest of us.) It's only by coincidence that Zombie Life was released in the thick of the Occupy Wall Street movement, but it couldn't be more timely.

Of course, Zombie Life is a free-to-play game that's supported by microtransactions for premium items like flashy duds or more energy to keep working. You know, like those games on Facebook you dig so much? While the game is missing some of the features that will make it stick, such as friends, you might want to get a leg-up on the competition now. You wouldn't want to find out that your friend's zombie is a Level 5 Repairman while you're still a lowly Level 2 Janitor, now would you?

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