Pioneer Trail Halloween Store: Stock up on scary supplies in one place

To make our Halloween shopping easy this year in the Pioneer Trail, the team behind the game has decided to completely separate the game's many themed items (including some returning from last year) into their own store. This is, appropriately enough, called the Halloween store, and you can find it on the right side of the gameplay screen marked by a huge Pumpkin logo. Inside this store, you'll find five different categories for your shopping pleasure: Mounts, Animals, Costumes, Crops and Decorations. We're here to give you a rundown of each of the items available, and their prices (with the School House discount in effect) so you know what to expect going in.


Rideable Wolf - 150 Horseshoes

Sure, this one is expensive (ok, really, really expensive), but if Horses are so last week to you, then this Rideable Wolf will be the perfect replacement. Now you can feel free to travel to your friends' Homesteads, terrorizing their children and animals with this menacing wild animal. We're sure he doesn't bite... hard.


Spooky Crate - 35 Horseshoes
Halloween Mystery Animal Crate - 30 Horseshoes
Ballerina Cow - 10 Horseshoes
Dragon Goose - 950 coins

This Halloween Mystery Animal Crate is none other than the bat / rat filled version that has been given out quite frequently (say, through land expansion prizes) since Halloween of last year, so you may want to skip it in favor of the Spooky Crate, which comes with Pirate Pigs and what look to be some kind of Western / Cowboy Goats and Chickens. As for the Dragon Goose, well, it's just a Goose dressed as a bright green dragon. Nothing else really needs to be said.


  • Chicken Outfit - 50 Horseshoes

  • Ninja Outfit - 30 Horseshoes

  • Superhero Outfit - 9,500 coins

  • Sunflower Outfit (Female) - 5 Horseshoes

Along with these costumes are the returning offerings of the Reaper, Horseman, Ghost and Skeleton. If you already earned them last year, they won't be available to purchase again, but will be freely available for your characters to wear (including your children).


Ghost Pumpkins - 1 Horseshoe
Black Rose - 285 coins

Don't panic about the price of the Ghost Pumpkins - they're also available to send on the game's free gifts page (you may have to scroll down some to spot them). They take just one hour to grow and reward you with 235 coins per square. As for the Black Roses, they take 14 hours to grow and reward you with 850 coins each.


Haunted Hayride - 30 Horseshoes
Mummy Chamber - 15 Horseshoes
The Game - 75 Horseshoes
Pumpkin Carriage - 50 Horseshoes
Kitty - 25 Horseshoes
Cheeky Pumpkin - 5 Horseshoes
Mausoleum - 30 Horseshoes
Zombie Swamp - 100 Horseshoes

Witches' Brew - 2 Horseshoes
Leaf Rake - 3,325 coins and 5 Wood
Bobbing Apples - 1,900 coins
Axe Topiary - 1,140 coins
Colorful Balloons - 950 coins
Crashed Witch - 9,500 coins
Frankenscarecrow - 47,500 coins
Monster Topiary - 1,140 coins

Prize Pumpkin - 475 coins
Ghost Outhouse - 2,375 coins
Grey Headstone - 1,805 coins and 5 Wood
Small Pumpkin I - 950 coins
Small Pumpkin II - 950 coins

Of course, with the launch of new items also comes some re-releases in the form of the Leaf Rake, Colorful Balloons, Small Pumpkins, etc. but if you've got plenty of Horseshoes burning a hole in your proverbial pocket, there are plenty of new items as well. Just remember to continue to upgrade your storage capacity in order to store all of these new goodies when the Halloween holiday has come and gone!

Since this is such a large supply of items, I'd actually be surprised if we saw additional items released in the Halloween Store. However, we'll definitely keep an eye on things, and will let you know if more items are released in the future.

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Which of these Halloween themed items is your favorite? Which ones are you planning on purchasing - just the coin items, or will you spend some Horseshoes as well? Let us know in the comments!