Pioneer Trail Family Secret Goals: Everything you need to know

With the launch of the Halloween Hutch in Pioneer Trail, we see both Fanny Wildcat and Hank revealing dark secrets about their pasts. For one, Fanny is a vampire! Hank, on the otherhand, is a Werewolf, but how both could actually keep these things secret from each other (they are married, after all) is anyone's guess. Still, with this Halloween-themed event, we see two sets of goals being released, on top of the Halloween Hutch itself to tie things back together.

The first set of goals is a one-time-only deal, going along with the construction of the Halloween Hutch itself (if these goals don't appear in your list at the left side of the screen, open your Mission Select screen and scroll to the very end). Here are the details.

Fanny Has a Secret

  • Harvest 20 Pumpkins

  • Clear 10 Skulls on your Homestead or a Neighbor's

  • Collect 10 Confession Letters

Even if you have Skulls on your own land, I'd highly suggest using your friends' Homesteads for this particular task, as you never know when you might need those extra skulls, specifically on your Homestead, sometime later on. Meanwhile, the Confession Letters are earned by posting a general request on your wall for all of your friends to see. Your friends will receive a Letter for helping you, so this should be one that's finished fairly quickly. Finishing this first goal gives you 100 XP, 500 coins and a Bloodberry Juice. This is one of the ingredients that goes into crafting a Vampire Potion.

Vampires Love Werewolves

  • Clear 10 Grass with your Bat Following

  • Collect 10 Hank Loves Fanny Cards

  • Craft a Hybrid Potion with your Bat Following

Here's where things get a little complicated. Even though this Vampires Love Werewolves goal comes directly after Fanny Has a Secret, you won't actually be able to complete it without doing some repeatable goals first. There are two repeatable goals to tackle, and similar to the School House Upgrade feature, the more you complete these repeatable goals, the more prizes you will unlock.

Specifically, you'll unlock three prizes along the way. The first is earned after completing each goal just one time each. You'll unlock the Hybrid Potion, which allows you to turn yourself into a combination of Vampire / Werewolf. After completing each goal one more time (for four goals total), you'll unlock a "Family Moon Tree," representing Hank's end of the event. Finally, for completing each goal one more time (for a complete total of six goals completed - three of each), you'll unlock the Pet Bat. This one waits for your in your inventory, so just pull it out and you'll be able to go back to "Vampires Love Werewolves" to complete it.

Here are a look at the repeatable goals themselves.

Chronicle of a Vampire

  • Craft 2 Vampire Potions

  • Drink a Vampire Potion

  • Tend 5 Tomatoes on a Neighbors' Homestead

Just ask a friend to plant Tomatoes and come by afterwards (even if the crops have already had time to wither), and this one should work out just fine. As for the Vampire Potions, they're crafted using twelve Bloodberry Juice and eight Glitter Powders each. When harvesting new Bloodberry Trees, you'll have a chance of earning Bloodberry Juice, while Glitter Powder can be gathered from friends. Finishing this first repeatable goal gives you 200 XP, a Family Secret Mystery Box and a Wolfnut Butter.

Hank's Hankerin to Howl

  • Craft 2 Werewolf Potions

  • Drink a Werewolf Potion

  • Tend 10 Pumpkins on Neighbors' Homesteads

Werewolf Potions are created using 12 Wolfnut Butter and eight Hairy Beakers each, with the Wolfnut Butter coming from Wolfnut Trees and the Hairy Beakers being gathered from friends. Finishing this second repeatable goal gives you a single Bloodberry Juice, 300 XP and another Family Secret Mystery Box. These boxes contain themed decorations like spooky bell towers, stone ground tiles and even an antique angel statue. Both Wolfnut and Bloodberry Trees can also be earned by opening these crates.

All told, these Family Secret goals may look pretty complicated, but once you get started are fairly self-explanatory in practice. Hopefully, by using our guide you'll be able to tackle all four with stride, and will be able to complete these repeatable goals enough times to finish this entire event off. You'll walk away with some pretty cool prizes in the process, so good luck!

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What do you think of these Family Secret goals? Do you like these goals more than those found in the game's Ghost Town event? Sound off in the comments.