NYPD Cop Accused Of Forcing 13-Year-Old Girl To Work As Prostitute

A Brooklyn mother claims that a former NYPD officer abused his status to force her 13-year-old runaway daughter into sexual slavery. Mother and daughter are now suing for $25 million.

Wayne Taylor and his girlfriend, Zalika Brown, allegedly "bought" the girl for $500 back in January 2008 and then made her dance naked at parties and have sex with men around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens to "work off the debt," reports the Courthouse News Service. The couple beat her regularly, and told her that if she didn't do what she was told, or ever left their Jamaica home, Taylor would arrest her for prostitution.

The girl reportedly escaped only a few weeks later after the couple allegedly sold her to a pimp on Long Island.

She ran home to her family and told her parents, and then police, this account of what had happened to her: She met a pimp called "Drama" (Taylor), she said, who introduced her to a madam "Mommy Z" (Brown). The two of them then drove her in Taylor's van to parties, where she was instructed to tell men that she was 19, and would have oral sex with them for $40 and intercourse for $80.

Taylor and Brown were arrested in January 2008 on charges of kidnapping, promoting prostitution, assault, and endangering the welfare of a child. They both plead not guilty and their bail was set at $250,000 each, but eventually Taylor admitted to kidnapping and promoting prostitution. He served 3½ years in prison and was paroled in January.

Coming on four years later, the girl, who is still a minor, and her mother, are suing Taylor, the NYPD, and the City of New York for $25 million in damages for assault, battery, false imprisonment, negligent hiring and supervision.

At the time of the girl's ordeal, the complaint attests that the NYPD knew Taylor was involved in illegal activities. The girl's claims that he "was known by the defendants NYPD and city to have had improper relationships with prostitutes, including prostitutes who were minors."

The girl also was allegedly told to perform sex acts with other female prostitutes while photographs were taken.

"It is unknown to plaintiff at this time whether these photographs were posted on the Internet or sold to dealers in child pornography," according to the lawsuit.

Brown slammed the girl's head into the floor at one point for failing to earn enough money, the suit claims.

"This case is every parent and every child's worst nightmare, made even more frightening by the fact that one of the defendants is a police officer who swore to uphold the law and the community he serves," Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said at the time of Taylor's arrest.

As the New York Post reports, the girl's attorney, Robert Tolchin, put it simply: "How do you keep this guy on the job with a shield and a gun and assigned to the narcotics bureau when he has an unresolved petition for for promoting prostitution?"

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