FarmVille Halloween Items: Cookie Tree, Pumpkin Snowman, Mad Scientist Lab and more

With tonight's FarmVille update, we not only see the release of the new Count Duckula's Castle - a collection event for Tickets as part of the yet-to-be-released "Halloween Ticket Basket," but we also see new items being added to the game's limited edition Halloween item theme. We see some re-released items joining new offerings in this particular update, so let's take a look at everything that's available!


Caramel Apple Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Big Caramel Apple Tree - 10 Farm Cash
Halloween Cookie Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Big Halloween Cookie Tree - 14 Farm Cash

If the Caramel Apple Trees look familiar, they should, as they've been available in the game before. This explains their cheaper prices, while the new Halloween Cookie trees come with the now higher pricing for both. Even though some of these trees are re-releases, however, they all share the same mastery stats. All four can be mastered at 75, 150 and 225 harvests for each level, individually for each tree. Remember, there's no reason to purchase the bigger version of each tree either, as the can be earned for free from Mystery Seedlings.


Glow Skeleton (Horse) - 26 Farm Cash
Skeleton Sheep - 20 Farm Cash
Ghost Goat - 16 Farm Cash

We knew all three of these items were coming to the game shortly, and luckily, our wait hasn't been very long. What has changed, however, is the Skeleton Horse's name. All three of these animals can be mastered, as you'd expect, while the Glow Skeleton can also produce a matching foal.


Haunted Tree House - 30 Farm Cash

Unfortunately, there are no coin buildings available to go along with this one, but this particular building has some fun details, including a "Spooky Bush" that sits outside the Tree House. If you'll recall, this Spooky Bush was released as a stand-alone item in past Halloween events.


Mad Scientist Lab - 20 Farm Cash
Nightmare Owl - 18 Farm Cash
Pumpkin Fence - 5,000 coins
Creepy Tree - 500,000 coins
Pumpkin Snowman - 20,000 coins

Even though the Creepy Tree is rather expensive, it comes with a glowing, evil face in the trunk, so I'll probably be able to personally justify a purchase of one on at least one of my farms. As for the Pumpkin Fence, this is a re-release, so if you have an area you'd like to separate, but didn't save enough Fence pieces from last year, now's your chance to fill in the holes.

Avatar Costumes:

Pumpkin - 20 Farm Cash
Pirate Male - 10 Farm Cash
Pirate Female - 10 Farm Cash

With this trio, you have two options for fairly generic pirate costumes. The girl's version is black and pink with what looks to be some sort of corset as a top, while the male version is black with accents of red, white and brown. As for the Pumpkin, this one comes with a hat, so if you already have a clever hat, know that you'll need to remove it to get the most out of this (admittedly expensive) costume.

All of these items look to be available in the game's store for the next two weeks. And with this week's release, you'll have a chance of earning a Pirate Gnome if you purchase enough of them. We'll let you know when additional items are released in the Halloween theme before the holiday proper, so keep checking back with us.

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What do you think of these newest Halloween-themed items? Which ones will you purchase for your farm(s)? Do you have Halloween items on all three of your farms, or just one? Sound off in the comments.