FarmVille: Plant Black Tulips for Halloween

If you've already completed Candy Corn and Jack O Lantern mastery in FarmVille's Halloween event for this year, but still want to fill your fields with haunted, spooky crops, you're in luck! A new Black Tulip crop was released in the game this evening, and you'll have a full month to plant (and more importantly - master) it.

The Black Tulip is unlocked already, without requiring Farm Cash, so you have no excuse not to plant it, other than simply not liking the look of the crop itself. Here are the Black Tulip's stats:

  • Cost: 50 coins per square

  • XP Gained: 3 per square

  • Harvest Time: 1 day

  • Harvests for: 200 coins

While the Black Tulip does give you a ton of XP when planted across a widespread area of land, the fact that you have to wait a full day to harvest (and then plant again) does limit your "leveling up potential." Still, these crops are oddly pretty, for as dark as they are, being more of a dark, navy blue than actual black. Plus, if you're into crop mastery, this one's required to "have them all."

Again, the Black Tulips will be available to grow for the next 29 days (give or take a few hours), so you should have no problem mastering them in full, especially if you plant them across multiple farms. The first star comes at just 410 harvests, so work diligently and you'll have that exclusive mastery sign in no time!

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Will you plant Black Tulips on your farms? Do you just want the mastery sign, or will you plant them because they are Halloween in theme? Let us know in the comments.