CityVille Metro Marvel Items available for a limited time


An interesting trio of new items has been released in the CityVille marketplace this week, leaving us to think that perhaps the reason these three items were released on their own in such a small group, and with such an oddly named theme (after all, I don't personally find there to be anything "marvel" worthy about them) is that they'll be the last (or at least some of the last) items released in the game before it switches completely to Halloween. We've already seen some Vampire-themed goals release in the game, so perhaps that prediction isn't far off.

Either way, here's a look at the three items, two of which go for City Cash (so have that virtual - and real world - wallet ready)!

Sturdivant Tower

  • Type: Residence

  • Costs: 65 City Cash

  • Population: 1,850 - 3,650 citizens

  • Rent: 251 coins every eight hours

Skillets and Things

  • Type: Business

  • Cost: 7,400 coins

  • Requires: 185 Goods

  • Earns: 1,096 coins

CityVille School of Rock

  • Type: Community Building

  • Cost: 50 City Cash

  • Adds 1,500 citizens to maximum population cap

Remember, if you're purchasing either the Sturdivant Tower or Skillets and Things business, the profits listed above are the absolute base amount that you can earn. Add some high-powered decorations to their surrounding areas as you could see your profits skyrocket with each collection. Just remember to have a constant supply of Goods coming into your town (through crops, ships or otherwise), as they'll go fast at 185 Goods a pop.

Regardless of which items you choose to purchase, you'll need to do some shopping fast. These three items will only be available in the store for two full weeks. Hopefully, by the time these items vanish from the store, we'll have arguably more exciting content to purchase in the form of Halloween decorations, and we'll make sure to let you know if that's the case.

Are you interested in purchasing any of these three items for your town in CityVille? Which ones? Share your shopping plans with us in the comments!