CityVille Governor's Run Vampire Goals: Everything you need to know

While the major elements of CityVille's eventual Halloween theme have yet to launch in the game, the third part of Act 2 in CityVille's Governor's Run event does deal with some Halloween-themed monsters, as the last "special interest group" is led by a vampire! Vlad to make sure that you have ever interest group in your sights when it comes to defeating Captain Krunsch, whether they have a pulse or not, and he's come up with four different goals for you to complete to earn their support.

Devil's Advocate

  • Ask for 10 Treat Bags

  • Collect from Businesses 24 Times

  • Collect from 20 Neighbor Residences

The Treat Bags are earned by posting general news items on your wall. As for the Businesses, these must be done on your own land, and visiting homes must be done in your neighbors' cities, so make sure to keep both of those tasks straight to avoid wasting valuable energy. Finishing this first goal gives you 14 energy as a reward.

Pick Your Brain

  • Ask friends for 15 Brains

  • Collect twice from any Library

  • Harvest 25 Corn

For this one, make a note of the wording. You can collect from any Library - it doesn't necessarily have to be the same Library two days in a row, allowing you to finish this one much more quickly by simply harvesting two different Libraries in your town. Finish this next goal to receive a whopping 1500 Goods.

Every Count Votes

  • Visit 25 Neighbors

  • Collect from your Emergency Clinic 4 Times

  • Collect from Pirate Ship Attraction once

If you've yet to complete the construction on your Pirate Ship attraction (or haven't even placed one in your town), make sure to check out our guide to getting it done. Meanwhile, the Emergency Clinic task will likely slow you down, as you'll need to wait for it to recharge three times after your first collection. Either way, finishing this third goal gives you 3,200 coins.

The Witching Hour

  • Ask for 20 Eyes of Newt

  • Master Pumpkins

  • Collect from 50 Residences

We're not sure if you'll need to entirely master pumpkins to the third star, or just the first, so plan ahead for the former requirement just in case. Hopefully, it's just the first star of mastery that's required, earned after 50 harvests. When you finally finish this fourth goal, you'll have earned the trust of the Vampire clan (and hopefully all of the other monsters you didn't even know lived in your town), and will walk away with the Blood Mobile as your prize. The Blood Mobile is a decoration that offers a bonus to the payout of surrounding businesses and homes.

This marks the end of Act 2 of the Governor's Run event, leaving us with just one more Act (apparently filled with three more goal series) to complete before the election will finally take place (and you'll hopefully be able to show Captain Krunsch the door. We'll make sure to bring you continuing coverage about this event as we know more, so keep checking back!

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[Via: CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of these Vampire-themed goals in CityVille? Have you already completed the goals for the rest of Act 2 and even Act 1? Sound off in the comments.