Cafe World Sandwich Counter Goals: Everything you need to know

Cafe World already has a Pizza Oven, Pasta Maker, Coffee Machine, Drink Bar and much more, but apparently Zynga decided that we were missing one very important appliance - a Sandwich Maker. They've filled that hole this week with the launch of the Sandwich Counter, which will introduce you to a series of new recipes (sandwiches, of course), and a man named Sal who will help you through a set of goals to complete this event.

There are seven goals to complete in all - here's a complete guide to completing them all! (Note: all of the cooking tasks here should remain the same across all chefs' accounts, unlike past goal series where they varied).

Sal's Sandwiches!

  • Place Sandwich Counter

  • Serve Clubhouse Sandwich 15 Times

  • Ask for 5 Sandwich Bread

Clubhouse Sandwiches take 18 hours to prepare. The Sandwich Counter, meanwhile, is a new appliance that you'll need to build from scratch with friends' help. You'll need to collect eight Sandwich Presses, 12 Sandwich Knives, 10 Carving Boards and 15 Condiment Bowls. The Sandwich Presses and Carving Boards are earned via general requests posted on your wall, while the other two items are earned through individual gift requests to friends.

Finishing this first goal gives you 100 coins and 100 Cafe Points.

Peanut Butter Jelly

  • Serve Basil Finger Sandwiches

  • Ask for 8 Peanut Butter Jars

  • Ask for 8 Jelly Jars

Basil Finger Sandwiches take six hours to cook. The reward for this one, as you might have guessed, is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich recipe - the PBJ, for short.

Better with Bacon!

  • Serve PBJ 20 Times

  • Ask for 8 Vine Ripened Tomatoes

  • Ask for 8 Thick Cut Bacon

Another recipe comes your way at the completion of this goal - the BLT sandwich.

Viva Cuba!

  • Complete the Sandwich Counter

  • Serve BLT 20 Times

  • Ask for 8 Cuban Bread Loafs

At the end of the this goal, you're given yet another sandwich, the Cuban Sandwich.

Ryeway Highway!

  • Serve Cuban Sandwiches 20 Times

  • Ask for 7 Rye Bread Loafs

  • Ask for 10 Pastrami Slices

Yet again, you're given another recipe (as tends to be the case with new appliances - you're given a ton of recipes to cook in it) - the Pastrami on Rye sandwich.

Groovin' Reuben

  • Serve Pastrami on Rye 20 Times

  • Ask for 8 Sauerkraut

  • Ask for 8 Corned Beef Slices

I'll give you one guess as to the prize for this goal... That's right, a simply Reuben Sandwich.

Sandwich King

  • Serve Reuben Sandwich 20 Times

  • Ask for 10 Ham and Turkey Slices

  • Ask for 10 Sticks of Butter

Up until now, I had refrained from commenting on how Zynga was likely influenced to release sandwich-themed content by Food Network's "Next Food Network Star" show, but since the winner of the most recent season went on to have a show called "Sandwich King," I just can't hold it in any longer. And there, it's out of my system. For finishing this goal, you'll receive yet another sandwich - the Monte Cristo.

This marks the current end of the Sandwich Counter goals. However, if history tells us anything, we'll likely either see A) a second Sandwich Counter released in a few months, or B) more recipes released on the one we now have. That's been the case with other appliances in the past, and we'll make sure to let you know if that happens to be the case now. Keep checking back!

What do you think of this Sandwich Counter / Sandwich Maker goal series? What kinds of sandwiches did Zynga overlook in these goals? Do you have room for yet another appliance in your cafe? Sound off in the comments.