Angry Birds maker Rovio looking at $1 billion IPO next year

Angry Birds $1 billion IPO
Angry Birds $1 billion IPO

Thanks to those irate, wingless birds, Rovio is worth lots and lots of money, apparently. Speaking with Bloomberg, the Angry Birds creator's CMO Peter Vesterbacka said, "We're not ready to file for an IPO tomorrow. Maybe a year from now." And speaking to the recent estimations that Rovio is worth around $1 billion, Vesterbacka all but confirmed the guesswork.

"We're happy with our valuation but we think it's probably a bit north of that," Vesterbacka said to Bloomberg. So, there you have it: Regular folks like you and I might be able to invest in the creator of Angry Birds by sometime next year. Also known as Rovio's Mighty Eagle, a play on the in-game character, Vesterbacka said that the company is "insanely profitable."

While we're not sure, we're going to make an educated guess and say that the Angry Birds' insane profitably comes from, oh, I don't know, the fact that they're everywhere? From big-time movie deals to plush toys, cookbooks, board games and stadium screen games, Rovio's flagship franchise is everywhere. And it's through this massive push that the company looks to be the first entertainment brand with 1 billion fans.

The two never seem to come up in the same conversation, but Rovio sounds more and more like Zynga every day, though with a vastly different strategy. As rumors stir of a FarmVille movie in the works (sound familiar?), Rovio toys with the idea of becoming a games publisher (again, sound familiar?). It makes one wonder if the two will ever clash. Hey, Angry Birds is supposedly in development on Facebook, after all.

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