13 Ways You're Driving Your Co-Workers Nuts

annoyances at workThe gum-snapper. The heavy-handed perfume-sprayer. The close-talker. Chances are, if you work with one of these "types," he or she drives you completely nuts. It's like how does gum-snapper not know how annoying she is?

But, that's the thing about pet peeves. While most of us are quick to point out the flaws in others, we can be completely unaware of our own. Gum snapper probably has no idea she's driving you crazy because she's too focused on the fact that you CAN'T STOP USING YOUR OUTDOOR VOICE.

To help us all become a little more self-aware in the office, and because the second week in October is National Pet Peeves Week, we asked our social media community to name their biggest workplace annoyances. Based on some of the more popular responses we got, here's a look at the many things you might be doing to drive your co-workers nuts. (Seriously, the "Chicken Dance" ringtone was only funny the first time. And even then, it wasn't all that funny.)

  1. "People hovering at my desk" – Julia E., via Facebook

  2. "People who are always 'putting out fires'... I think folks should calm down a little and just get stuff done. Oh and meetings, meetings, meetings ... with too many people. Really? When was the last 10 person meeting that was truly productive?" - Sarah O., via Facebook

  3. "Gossip/drama! Keep it to yourself! Don't get involved! If someone starts to say something negative about a co-worker, tell them, 'I'm sorry you have difficulties with X, I hope you two can work things out. I'm sure it's none of my business. Please don't involve me because we are all friends here.'" - Leslie N., via Facebook

  4. "Micro-managing." - Sergio C., via Facebook

  5. "People who enter your office, see you speaking on the phone w/ a customer and plop down and wait listening to the whole conversation while doing distracting things like picking up items, photos, etc. from your desk. Or even worse, when they try to talk interrupt your call and ask you questions while you are still on the phone. Rude, rude, rude." - Tracey E., via Facebook

  6. "The microwave and fridge is near my desk, [but] why do people have to place their items on my desk?" - Cassandra B., via Facebook

  7. "People who do not do their job well, but complain about their situation. You control your own future." – @MsMichelleTyler, via Twitter

  8. "When people chew gum loudly and pop it!!! Uggggh drives me bonkers!" - Paula C., via Facebook

  9. "My pet peeve is people who show up late for meetings. I was always taught that 5 min. early is on time!" - Em V., via Facebook

  10. "People who use and wear scented products in enclosed workspaces which can literally kill a person who is chemically sensitive. Employers need to embrace and enforce fragrance free policies. I consider this the new 2nd hand smoke issue." - Hedwig R., via Facebook

  11. "Emails with blank subject lines, or even worse, one that is so long it belongs in an actual email, not the subject line." - @Robzilla28, via Twitter

  12. "People who complain about something that someone else did wrong but don't do anything to fix it." - @chadjedwards, via Twitter

  13. "Favoritism! Especially from the higher echelons of an organization." -- Tanya W., via Facebook

What are your biggest workplace pet peeves?

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