Lunchtime Poll: Is Zynga releasing too many games too quickly?

Too many Zynga games?
Too many Zynga games?

To channel our inner Christopher Walken: Zynga's got a fever, and the cure for it is ... more games. After releasing Empires & Allies, CityVille Hometown, Words with Friends on Android and Facebook, Pioneer Trail and Adventure World all this summer, the developer announced another eight games at its Unleashed press conference yesterday. (Are we missing any? Ah, yes, I forgot Mafia Wars 2, Hanging With Friendsand a FarmVille expansion ... phew.)

Frankly, I haven't even had time to down the first boss in Mafia Wars 2 much less unravel the mysteries of El Dorado in Adventure World. And let's not forget about the seven Words With Friends matches we have running right now. Oh, and there's also--you get the idea. While release dates for CastleVille, Hidden Chronicles and Zynga Bingo have yet to be announced, you have to imagine that they're at least close to launch. Otherwise, we doubt Zynga would be in a position to reveal them.

The point is that, by year's end, Zynga will have launched at least 17 games this year alone. Sure, Facebook and mobile games are designed to be played in short bursts, but can we keep up with all of these games even in 15-minute spurts? Since we already know that a majority of Zynga's player base for new games comes from existing games, you can't help but imagine that at least some players feel as if they're being stretched too thin. With that, we ask you:

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