St. Louis Teen Left Stranded For 2 Days After Quitting Magazine Sales Job

A St. Louis-area teen is crying foul after the company that hired him to sell magazine subscriptions left him high and dry in Dallas for two days when he quit the job.

The teen, who hasn't been named, quit the job selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door because, he said, he felt like he was ripping people off, reports KMOV-TV in St. Louis.

The company, New Beginning Enterprises of Youngstown, Ohio, had promised to pay the teen's bus ticket back to St. Louis, but declined, telling the news station that the company didn't pay the return ticket because the teen quit after two weeks. Company policy requires at least 30 days of work to get a paid ticket home, New Beginning said.

The teen was reportedly stranded at a Dallas bus station for two days. That angered the victim's mother, Sanjaeanetta Crockett.

"That's not right," she told KMOV in an interview. "What if something would have happened to him? Or he would have came up missing? Then what?"

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