Island Paradise makes Turkey a bit more tropical through Peak Games

Ciftlik Adasi on Facebook
Ciftlik Adasi on Facebook

And in directly related news, productivity levels of Turkish businesses plummet by as much as 90 percent. Social game developer Meteor Games announced that its hit Island Paradise is now available in Turkish on Facebook, thanks to a deal with Peak Games. The Istanbul-based company will make the game available through Ciftlik Adasi, which appears to be a full Turkish localization.

According to its Facebook page, Ciftlik Adasi--the Turkish Island Paradise that translates roughly to Farm Island--has already garnered over 123,000 thousand players since its launch on Sept. 30. And it makes sense: Turkey is the fourth-largest region for Facebook with over 30 million users.

And with just over 634,000 monthly Island Paradise players on Facebook, Meteor Games is playing it smart by expanding into new territories to boost its player base. The Beverly Hills, Calif.-based social game creator likens itself to the Nintendo of the Facebook game world, and scale is one approach to take in order to make good on that comparison.

Peak Games however, has reportedly amassed over 16 million monthly players across its games by making the international rounds with big time western developers like RockYou and now Meteor Games. Facebook games are growing beyond the scope of the U.S. and Western Europe, but we can only hope that will make for more culturally diverse social games.

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