FarmVille: Provencal Gate, Egg Fence and Franken Bride come back for Farmer Appreciation Week

Ok, forget a "week." This Farmer Appreciation Event in FarmVille has now carried on for longer than that, with three additional re-released (formerly limited edition) items being available in the store for the next few hours. Granted, we're not complaining that Zynga is continuing to spoil players, but with these additional items being released, I suppose I'm just disappointed that the double mastery has finally been turned off.

As it stands, these three items don't really share a theme, but if you're into Halloween (or Easter), you'll want to pay special attention to this trio. Here's a look at the three:

Provencal Gate

  • Originally Seen: French Chateau Event 2010

  • Cost: 10,000 coins (formerly 2,500 coins)

  • XP Gained: 100

  • Sells for 500 coins

Egg Fence

  • Originally Seen: Easter Event 2010

  • Cost: 7,000 coins (formerly 700 coins)

  • XP Gained: 70

  • Sells for: 350 coins

Franken Bride (Gnome)

  • Originally Seen: Halloween Event 2010

  • Cost: 150,000 coins (formerly 100,000 coins)

  • XP Gained: 1,500

  • Sells for: 7,500

To be clear, the stats for the two fences are for individually pieces of each kind of fence. If you want to purchase an entire series of fence items in bulk, your total cost will raise accordingly. Also, these prices are more expensive than when we originally saw these items released, but when you consider the fact that Zynga didn't have to give us this second chance, I'm willing to look beyond a price hike.

As is stands, I'd truly be shocked if we saw additional Farmer Appreciation Week items released in the game, but then again, I'm surprised to see this trio. We'll just leave it with this: If more items are released, we'll be sure to let you know. For now, make sure to purchase any of these items that interest you while you can - they'll only be around until tonight.

What do you think of this trio of re-released items? Will you take your second chance to purchase any of them, or do you already have everything from previous releases? Sound off in the comments.