FarmVille Pic of the Day: Azuca's farm kicks off the Halloween festivities

farmville azuca halloween featured farm
farmville azuca halloween featured farm

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Folks, as we move closer to the end of October we're seeing more and more Halloween themed goodies appearing in all our favorite Facebook games. However, no Halloween would seem complete without a couple of awesome FarmVille Halloween farms. We've already seen a couple of Halloween designs, but I think Azuca's farm takes it to the next level.

This farm is absolutely covered with stuff. But I've always found farm clutter to be a double-edged sword. Sure you get to show off all the incredible stuff you've accumulated in FarmVille over the years, but your farm just looks too crowded and it detracts from the bigger picture. However, Azuca manages to keep it classy with some great item and crop layout.

One way of dealing with clutter is by creating patterns that are more visually appealing than just a big jumble. Azuca does this by first dividing the farm into four quadrants, and then adding borders to everything. Then in each quadrant, there is a slightly different theme.

So though the farm seems rather busy, I think Azuca did a pretty good job. Even though we're still a few weeks from the big night, this Halloween farm is going to be hard to beat.

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What do you think of Azuca's awesome Halloween-themed farm?

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