Sloppy Handwriting Left Bank Robber Empty-Handed, Police Say

In this electronic age filled with computers, smartphones and high-tech tablets, the need for proper penmanship appears as quaint and unnecessary as rotary-dial telephones.

Unless you make your living as a bank robber.

As may have been the case in an incident Saturday in New Castle, Del., after an attempt to rob a branch of the WSFS Bank was foiled by the robber's illegible handwriting, police said.

The (Delaware) News Journal quoted them as saying that at about 3 p.m., Thomas J. Love (pictured) walked into the branch and handed a bank teller a demand note written on a deposit slip.

But the teller wasn't able to decipher what Love had written on the document, police said, so she handed the slip back and asked him to rewrite his message.

ABC News reported police as saying that Love, either panicked or frustrated, then took back his note and left without any money. After tellers determined that the demand note was indeed an attempt at robbery, police were called and given a description that led them to Love.

Love, 40, who was unarmed, was arrested nearby soon after and charged with attempted robbery.

No one was injured in the incident, but if the charge sticks, it would appear that Love's labor lost.

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