Game of the Day: My Little Army

my little army game of the day
Today's Game of the Day is a game of war. My Little Amy puts you in the boots of one of three heroes, all fighting to conquer the mysterious Myth Balls. It's now up to you to decide who wins.

As commander in chief, you must craft your small army carefully. Select the members of your army from a colorful crew, and outfit them with a range of weapons. You'll need fighters, sorcerers, and archers to hack your way through the hordes of enemies. It won't be easy, but with the help of magic and your little army, you shall prevail!

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my little army game of the daymy little army game of the day
Pro Tips:
  • Don't forget to use the fast-forward button to speed things up!
  • Before taking on any of the missions, complete all the secondary missions to get a little money and purchase the heal and mana regeneration upgrades.
  • At the start of each mission, click fast forward and simply wait. So long as no enemies charge you, you'll be able to charge up your mana meter and then unleash a full army!
  • Upgrade your troops and sort them into variety of different classes. Then at the beginning of each mission, save up your mana, and send out an ideal unit composition. I personally like four fighters, two archers, and two sorcerers. Then using your remaining mana, simply spam the heal spell to keep the whole army alive. Replace any fallen members and mix up the unit composition depending on the encounter.

Click here to play My Little Army!

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