Limo Company Sues Lindsay Lohan Over Service Charges

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan can't catch a break.

The trouble actress of Mean Girls fame has been sued for roughly $100,000 by the Elite Transportation Limo and Security Services in Orange County Superior Court for allegedly failing to make payment on charges stemming from 2008-9. The charges were for trips both within the state of California and beyond.

Responding to the charges, Lohan's spoke to E! News in a statement that was perhaps unintentionally revealing.

"Lindsay has not been served with any lawsuit, and we cannot comment on a lawsuit we have not yet seen."

The company has said they tried to reach out to the 25-year old start to avoid the legal action, but there was no response. The entertainment community was far from surprised by the charges. In response to the deflection from Lohan's rep, writer Kelly Schremph had this to say:

"But just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I mean, let's be honest -- does this sound like something that Lindsay would do? Of course it does..."

With an eye on Lohan's contributions impact on the economy, Gawker had this to add:

"The bar association in Los Angeles should honor her for her financial contributions to the legal industry, though that might violate some professional ethics rule."

Indeed, after an advertisement for E-Trade financial, which aired during the 2010 Super Bowl, featured babies discussing a milkaholic named Lindsay, she took it personally. As the Los Angeles Times reported last year, the suit was initially withdrawn, which lined up with the view of the financial firm, who noted that Lohan was far from being the world's only Lindsay. But the terms did result in Lohan walking away with an undisclosed amount of money that made her and her team "very happy," according to a report by TMZ.

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