FarmVille Sneak Peek: Halloween animals like to play dress up

If you're both an animal collector and a fan of Halloween, I've got some exciting news for you! A whole slew of new themed animals look to be coming to FarmVille in the near future, if images spotted by FarmVille Freak are anything to go by. Of course, there's no telling exactly when or how these items will come to the game, although we can make a few guesses. It's likely that most will be released in the store for coins, while others may be prizes for Halloween themed goals that have yet to be released. Either way, here's a sneak preview of these items to get you excited about things to come.

In the image above, you have the Space Chipmunk (c'mon, just say that - it even sounds awesome!), Candle Deer, Bat Cat, Hunter Duck, Ghost Goat, Trick or Treat Donkey, Lobster Corgi, Skeleton Horse, Skeleton Sheep, and Candy Corn Sheep. While this group is pretty large on its own, don't forget about the unreleased decorations that we also think are coming, and don't forget that there have to be tons of trees in the works as well (I mean, there's no guarantee, but how can Zynga resist?).

While details about each of these items, and the role they'll play in the store/game are still unknown, you can be sure we'll make you the first to know when they start to release. Just be warned: if these items are released in the store as limited edition items, they'll likely cost Farm Cash. Have that wallet ready!

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[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

What do you think of these Halloween-themed animals? Which one is your favorite? Will you pay Farm Cash for any of them? Sound off in the comments!