FarmVille Pic of the Day: Onisuka057's fall oasis goes Halloween

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With Halloween coming our way, lots of FarmVille players are dusting off last year's decorations and buying up this year's new ones. Onisuka057's farm brought us a fall oasis last month just as the weather was getting colder, and as I predicted, he's swapped out some of his various types of Maple Trees and planted, not just one, but what looks like nearly all of the Halloween trees released this year: Halloween Tree (it's dark pink with glowing Jack O' Lanterns), Jack O' Lantern Tree (it's dark purple with lavender Jack O' Lanterns), Dark Apple Tree (dark purple with apples), Spider Tree (teal blue with small purple spiders), Fire Peach Tree (dark purple with fireballs), Halloween Candy Tree (lavender with candy growing), and Candy Corn Trees (they're not orange yet cause they're still maturing).

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Not much has changed on the mainland though. The Old Faithful geyser eruption from the Yellowstone collection is still there. He's kept the recently released Lighthouse Cove decor with several Tree Arches, Autumn Creeks, and Outdoor Picnics. The amount of premium Farm Cash goods going on in this one continues to be staggering. But he's shrunk the water levels and added what looks like a school of ducks on his blue hay bale river.

If Onisuka057's willing to open his wallet even further, swapping out the English Countryside buildings for the Werewolf Shack and Dilapidated House can really spookify things.

Do you like Onisuka057's redecorated farm? Have you begun decorating your own farm for Halloween yet?
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