Poll: Do FarmVille's abnormally sized animals ruin the fun?

If there's one negative trend that has become a bit too prevalent in FarmVille, it's in the unusual animal sizing and footprints exhibited by many animals. Whether it's a foal that's the same size (or even larger) than its adult form, a calf that is so small that you can barely see it, or small animals that have massive footprints (the green square of land they take up when you place them), there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for why this is occurring.

After all, with so many of the game's animals, regardless of type (cow, calf, horse, sheep, etc.) being simple re-colorings of previously released animals, shouldn't they all have the same base and design, aside from the color? It's almost as though the developers at Zynga have decided to play a joke on farmers with these mutant animals (you can see a few examples at right).

Of course, not all is lost. Some of the miniature animals (or even the larger ones) are still rather cute, or collectable simply because of the novelty / absurdity of their size. And they function like other animals as well, giving you all of the profits (and eventually mastery points) you deserve. When it comes to organizing them, however, any plan for straight, organized rows kind of goes out the window.

That leaves us to ask you what you think of these oddly shaped animals:

Have an opinion not listed above? Just want to share your examples of oddly shaped animals with other farmers? Sound off in the comments!