Companies Hiring For The Holidays 2011

Job seekers, get out your seasonal cookie cutters and hunt down some eggnog, it's time to prepare for the holidays.

OK, so maybe it's a little early for the festive cookies and cocktails, but if you plan on looking for work during the holiday season, it's high time you started preparing.

Although full-time hiring tends to dip in the final quarter of the year, many companies add temporary positions during the holidays, positions which they start hiring for now. Yes, it's true that many seasonal jobs fall into the retail category, but the holidays are also a busy time for businesses in shipping and warehousing, accounting, travel and hospitality, and the nonprofit sector so job openings in a variety of functions within these industries aren't uncommon, either.

If you don't work in an industry that typically needs extra hands during the holidays, consider taking a job outside of your field - it can still be beneficial to your job search.

"A large number of the unemployed have been unemployed for six months or longer," says Raina Fuentes, office manager at Momentum Specialized Staffing, a recruiting firm in Phoenix, Ariz. "Taking a seasonal position can help lessen the noticeable gap in employment on your résumé. It will also allow you to take a break from the monotony job seekers face these days and help you go into your 2012 job search with a freshened state of mind and outlook on the future." Plus, seasonal hiring can provide job seekers with valuable networking opportunities and the chance to learn transferable skills.

To help you jumpstart your holiday job search, here's a look at 15 employers that currently have seasonal openings.

Merry Job Hunting!

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