Zynga Unleashed: CastleVille, Hidden Chronicles, Zynga Casino shown

CastleVilleWow, Zynga's not messing around anymore, huh? The company's Unleashed event is going down as of this writing, and Zynga has announced a number of new games already including CastleVille, Hidden Chronicles and Zynga Casino among others. The first of which carries the torch for the 'Ville' franchise, according to Zynga Dallas creative director Bill Jackson.

Zynga later elaborated on the news of the three games on the company blog. CastleVille will feature a character known as Antonio, and is the first Zynga and first social game with a score recorded by a 75-piece orchestra, according to Jackson. The game, which doesn't yet have a release date, will take place in a medieval world that is, according to the developer, "the most beautiful game we've ever made."

CastleVille is said to adapt to the decisions you make and the characters you meet throughout the game. According to the announcement, players will uncover different items than their friends by simply making different decisions in the game. We've contacted Zynga to confirm whether this is the realization of the recently-revealed Kingdoms & Quests, or a new game entirely.
Hidden Chronicles
Hidden Chronicles, on the other hand, is Zynga's take on the growing hidden-object genre on Facebook that will "leverage social connections, and combine that with memory and skill," Zynga GM Roy Sehgal said. Players will uncover the mysteries of Ramsey Manor in this hidden-object game, and as they discover thousands of items they will be able to decorate and customize the manor. As for the game's social features, Zynga says players will be able to send each other challenge levels, gifts within levels and compare scores.
Zynga Bingo revealed
Zynga revealed Zynga Casino, which will be a collection of casino-style games within a single app, starting with Zynga Bingo, which Zynga Poker GM Lo Toney (pictured) displayed during the event. Eventually, players will find Zynga Poker within the overarching Zynga Casino Facebook app, and players will able to use chips earned in both games across either (sound familiar?). In addition to exchangeable currency between games, players will sit in themed rooms, and the company promises that it will be easier to find friends while they're playing.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga (Twitter); Zynga (Blog)]

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