The Sims Social: Buy a Cozy Crypt for Halloween, watch your Sim get down to the music [Video]

A few days ago, we brought you an in-depth look at the many, many items in Sim Social's Werewolves vs Vampires theme. Even if you don't like Twilight (the clear inspiration for this theme), there are so many items available that it would be unlikely you can't find something to add to your home. That being the case, EA / Playfish are hoping that the one item that catches your eye is the Cozy Crypt, as they've released a video incentive to get users to open their pocketbooks.

First things first, the Cozy Crypt is a very expensive item at 149 SimCash. If you're interested in massively boosting your home's value, you'll get the job done here, as a single Cozy Crypt raises your house's value by $22,000. It also comes with a Happiness and Social stat of 19 points. However, one final perk is something that we can barely put into words. No matter how dreary or creepy a crypt is supposed to be, if you place one on your land, your Sim will be simply inspired... to dance!

On the game's official fan page, the developer has shown off a video of what the dancing animation looks like. If you don't recognize the moves, they're from Michael Jackson's Thriller, arguably one of the greatest music videos of all time. The video is short, but persuasive, so make sure to check it out to see if the Cozy Crypt would be everything you ever wanted before spending the Cash.

Will you purchase the Cozy Crypt just to see your Sim dance to "Thriller?" Would you purchase the item if it simply cost thousands of coins, rather than SimCash, or would blowing all of your coin savings on a single item still be too much? Sound off in the comments.