Macy's Hiring 78,000 Workers; Employees Reveal Life Beyond The Sales Floor

Macy's hiring seasonal employeesIf you're one of the 14 million unemployed Americans, Macy's may be giving you a gift this holiday season. Macy's has announced that it plans to hire 78,000 temporary workers for the holiday season, an increase of 4 percent over last year. The company also said these temporary jobs can lead to year-round jobs "in some cases."

But what's it really like to work at Macy's? And, how much can you really expect to be paid as a Macy's seasonal employee? Glassdoor, a jobs and career community, turned to those who know best -– Macy's employees who have worked the demanding holiday season. Below, Macy's employees dish on how much they got paid, in addition to what's working well (pro's), and what could be improved upon (con's).

How Much Could You Get Paid?

According to employee salary reports, Macy's Seasonal Sales Associates can expect to be paid anywhere from $6 to $9 per hour. However, On-Call Sales Associates at Macy's earn between $7 to $10 per hour, while regular Macy's Sales Associates earn between $7 to $14 per hour.

Are Macy's Employees Satisfied At Work?

According to the nearly 450 Macy's employee reviews, Macy's garners a 2.8 rating (OK) when it comes to overall employee satisfaction.

When digging deeper into the company ratings, Macy's employees are most satisfied with the work-life balance and recognition & feedback they receive -- both receive a 3.1 rating.

Glassdoor Report: Macy's Workplace Factors

Career Opportunities




Compensation & Benefit


Employee Morale


Recognition & Feedback


Senior Leadership


Work-Life Balance


Fairness & Respect


Report as of 9/27/11; Based on a 5-point scale, 5.0 = very satisfied, 1.0 = very dissatisfied

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"I was able to meet all kinds of customers, especially lots of international shoppers during the long busy holiday season." -- Macy's Seasonal Sales Associate (location n/a)

"I was mostly a retail virgin, and I was surprised how much better the pay turned out to be compared to other 'mall' stores." -- Macy's Seasonal Sales Associate (Orlando, Fla.)

"Employee discounts on merchandise." -- Macy's Seasonal Sales Associate (Elmhurst, N.Y.)

"They'll take anyone off the street as a seasonal hire, so it's a great place to work if you're having trouble finding a job or need some extra holiday money." – Macy's Seasonal Sales Associate (location n/a)


"The holidays can be overwhelming, but at the same time fun and a good learning experience." -- Macy's Employee (St. Louis, MO)

"The hours were either VERY early or you worked late, pressure of reaching your sales goal, rude customers, folding clothes." -- Macy's Seasonal Sales Associate (Humble, Texas)

"Late hours during holiday season." -- Macy's Seasonal Sales Associate (New York, N.Y.)

"The seasonal orientation involves a visit to some jail cells in the basement of the building where you would presumably end up if you stole anything." -- Macy's Seasonal Sales Associate (Elmhurst, N.Y.)

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