Florida Gov. Rick Scott 'Walking Back' Job Growth Estimates

Creating jobs amid the current sluggish economy is tough work.

So it's not surprising that Florida Gov. Rick Scott is flip-flopping on a promise he made last year to create 700,000 jobs on top of the 1 million state economists has previously forecast the state's economy to generate.

In office since January, Scott is now lowering expectations, saying he expects only 700,000 jobs to be created -- not the combined 1.7 million previously promised. Further, as Stateline reports, the former venture capitalist is denying that he ever made such a promise.

Pushed to clarify his stance, Scott, a Republican, recently told reporters, "I don't know who said that. I have no idea."

But as the watchdog website Politifact Florida points out, there are at least two times during his gubernatorial campaign -- both captured on video -- in which Scott said his seven-step plan would add 700,000 new jobs during the next seven years on top of the 1 million already forecast.

Known as "7-7-7," the plan -- a hallmark of Scott's 2010 gubernatorial campaign -- was touted as a job generator that would also cut state spending, regulations and taxes, among other things.

The governor is "walking back the story," Robert Jarvis, a constitutional law professor at Nova Southeastern University, told the (Fort Lauderdale) Sun Sentinel newspaper.

"I'm not surprised,'' he said. "He's a politician. You make changes on the fly.''

Moreover, as Stateline notes, Scott is now predicting lower job growth than even the state's own economists, promising to create 300,000 fewer jobs than were expected anyway during the seven-year period.

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