FarmVille Raffle Booth (10/09/11): Colonial Farm House and Rooster Compass back for another round

Back at the end of August, both the Colonial Farm House and Rooster Compass were available as the main prizes in the FarmVille Raffle Booth. While the other three prizes were different back then, these two major prizes have come back around for another week. This will give you potentially dozens of additional chances at earning either of these prizes, if you didn't win them the first time around. As usual, we're here to give you a complete look at these new items, along with the odds you'll have of winning them.

10 Special Delivery Boxes - 1:5
3 Farmhands - 1:20
5 Love Potions - 1:50
Rooster Compass - 1:200
Colonial Farm House - 1:500

Compared to their last appearance, the odds for both the Rooster Compass and the Colonial Farm House have moved more into your favor. For instance, the Colonial Farm House used to only have a 1:2000 odds of winning. Hopefully, this means that more items will actually be given away, and we'll see the rarity of this one drop. Remember, just because you win one item in the raffle doesn't mean your guaranteed to win them all, no matter how nice that might be.

As usual, you have a full week to gather raffle tickets, either by asking friends to send them to you or by purchasing them outright with Farm Cash. If you have a large enough circle of active friends, however, there's really no reason to waste the Farm Cash on them, especially when you're not guaranteed to win anything (as I said before). Still, we wish you good luck in winning all five of the prizes this week. Make sure to let us know if you do!

Have you ever won one of the top two prizes in a FarmVille Raffle Booth drawing? Which items did you win in last week's drawing? Sound off in the comments.