FarmVille Pic of the Day: Have a pirate adventure in Brayzdin's Neverland

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If you want to go to Neverland, you don't have to wait for a boy with green tights and a pixie to sneak through your window. Now there's an easier way to do it instead of flying "Second star to the right and straight on till morning." Because we've got Brayzdin's "Never, Never" FarmVille farm, which takes obvious inspiration from J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan novels.

Brayzdin has a penchant for fantastical pieces and this theme has clearly allowed him to let loose with a huge variety of design tricks. If those trees look familiar to you, it's because Brayzdin is a landscaper who's so nice, we chose him twice. His last entry, a farm-chomping monster lizard, is an amazing piece that best encompasses his style and just the sheer originality of his imagination. An artist of masterpiece farms, fans can easily spot his deft touch by his careful object placements and heavy use of green, rounded treetops to generate 3D effects. This time, he even managed to recreate a plane's air trail by using white trees. For the record, the only time he thinks hay bales are appropriate is when you want to mimic water, which he does here.

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While everyone grew up with a traditional notion of Neverland that involved Mermaid Lagoon, Captain Hook's pirate cove, the Indian Chief's village, and the Lost Boys hideout, Brayzdin includes new elements such as Duke's Airship from the English Countryside event, a Mini Stonehenge, a Lake Nessie, and a Balloon Gnome. The most lovely item is probably the Leprechaun's Cottage, which looks really expensive, but is actually one of those buildings that can be obtained with the help of neighbors. Finally, the most arresting part of his farm is the height he's managed to achieve on the farm's center cliff. It's a really dramatic straight drop and gives the illusion that the right side of the cliff is a cove and sky, when we all know that everything we're seeing is laid out flat, like stickers on a wall.

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