FarmVille Lighthouse Cove: Inlet Garden and Harbor Homestead expansions available for coins

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that some users aren't seeing the 18x18 expansion available for coins. We'll try to figure out what's going on and will update this space when we can.

If you're looking to expand your land in FarmVille's third farm, the Lighthouse Cove, but don't want to shell out Farm Cash to do so, you can now expand for coins... at least for a bit. While the Coastal Patch expansion (14x14) was already released for coins (750,000 coins to be exact), you can now get to 18x18 for coins as well.

To be specific, there are two expansions now available for coins. The first is the Inlet Garden - the 16x16 expansion. This one costs 40 Farm Cash normally, but can now also be purchased for 1 million coins. The Harbor Homestead, meanwhile, is the 18x18 expansion, which normally costs 50 Farm Cash but can now be purchased for 1.25 million coins.

Of course, as with the Coastal Patch expansion, it looks like many farmers are going to have to add neighbors before these coin options are available. For my own example, I'm going to have to add one neighbor to unlock the Inlet Garden and three neighbors for the Harbor Homestead. It seems that how many neighbors you already have will alter the amount of neighbors you need to add, if any. When the Coastal Patch farm released previously, we received reports of farmers having to add up to five neighbors, but before you delete current neighbors and re-add them for the credit, know that that doesn't tend to work.

Either way, these coin options now leave us with seven additional land expansions that are currently only available for Farm Cash. It took just over a week to see the selection of coin options go from one to three, so could this mean we'll see coin options for all of the remaining expansions just as quickly? We'll make sure to let you know if that's the case.

Do you have to add any neighbors to unlock these next expansions for coins? How many? Will you take the time to add new neighbors just to expand your third farm? Sound off in the comments.