FarmVille: Hut, Monkey Bars and Bougainvillea Pot available for Farmer Appreciation Week

I hope you have your virtual wallets ready, farmers, as another set of extremely limited edition items has been re-released into the FarmVille marketplace in honor of Farmer Appreciation Week. These three items, again, were all released in previous themes, so if they look familiar to you, that's perfectly normal. Just make sure to check out your storage (across both your Home and English Countryside farms) to make sure you're not purchasing any of these items as duplicates unnecessarily. Here's a complete look at the three items, including their prices:


  • Originally Released: Island Event 2010

  • Cost: 200,000 coins (formerly 100,000 coins)

  • XP Gained: 2,000

  • Sells for: 10,000 coins

Monkey Bars

  • Originally Released: International Children's Day 2010

  • Cost: 24,000 coins (originally 14,000 coins)

  • XP Gained: 240

  • Sells for: 1,200 coins

Bougainvillea Pot

  • Originally Released: Far East Event 2010

  • Cost: 5,000 coins (originally 2,200 coins)

  • XP Gained: 50

  • Sells for: 250

As a quick note, the Monkey Bars item here is fairly rare, all things considered (or, it was until tonight's release). Even if you don't have any of the other playground equipment / items previously released, this one is quite the bargain, and it's likely you won't have another chance at purchasing one for quite some time (if ever again). Either way, this trio of items will be available in the game's store for just under a single day. We're not sure if additional coin items will come out tomorrow (or when, exactly, Zynga decides to flip the switch on ending Farmer Appreciation Week), but we'll continue to give you a rundown of new items should they become available.

Will you purchase any of these three items during this brief purchase window? Did you already have a Monkey Bars item, or are you just picking this one up for the first time tonight? Sound off in the comments.