FarmVille Halloween Items: Zombie Gnome, Bat Dog, Mossy Tree and more


Tonight's FarmVille update sees tons of items released in the current Halloween limited edition item theme, and there's one item in particular here that you'll want to watch out for. Not only is this particular item available for coins, but it's more limited than the others, only being available in the game's store for a week. What's that item? Read on to find out!


Spider Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Spider Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Mossy Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Mossy Tree - 14 Farm Cash

Don't worry about the Spider Tree being overly creepy; it's more cartoon-y than scary, and tree farmers will definitely like to have one on their farms. Meanwhile, the Mossy Tree would work great in any sort of haunted, creepy forest you're building. As usual, you can skip buying the Giant versions of each tree and then earn them for free either by placing the smaller versions in your own Orchards and producing Mystery Seedlings, or waiting for your friends to post seedlings or even fully grown trees to their walls.


Black Ponytail Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Skeleton Cow - 24 Farm Cash
Blue Oxen - 2 million coins
Bat Dog - 100,000 coins 10 Farm Cash

UPDATE: The Bat Dog, for whatever reason, now costs 10 Farm Cash, rather than 100,000 coins.

While seeing the Bat Dog for coins is exciting, it's not the special item we were talking about before. However, the Blue Oxen is. This one is available for just a week's time (as opposed to the two week time limit shared by these other items), but you'll need to shell out a whopping 2 million coins just to add a single Blue Oxen to your farm. Is it worth it? If you're going for every single mastery sign ever released, or at least the vast majority of them, I suppose it must be. However, these coin items have become a lot more expensive over time, leaving me to worry about the future.


Haunted Mansion - 15 Farm Cash
Black Pumpkin - 15 Farm Cash

Again, both of these buildings, while containing either purple or bright green in their coloring, really work well for a more spooky, creepy Halloween theme on your land, rather than something overly cutesy. Still, this Black Pumpkin house is pretty heavily detailed, if you can get past the dreary black paint.


Cauldron Fountain - 16 Farm Cash
Zombie Gnome - 15 Farm Cash
Gargoyle Gate - 15 Farm Cash
Kraken Lake - 20 Farm Cash
Pumpkin Witch - 5,000 coins
Pumpkin Mummy - 5,000 coins

Even though they may be inexpensive, these two Pumpkin items are incredibly cute, serving as lighted jack-o-lanterns that wanted to get in on the fun of Halloween costumes themselves. The other items, however, will set you wallet back a pretty penny, but are admittedly pretty cool, if you're willing to spend some Farm Cash.

Avatar Costumes

Frankenstine - 10 Farm Cash
Frankenstine Bride - 10 Farm Cash
Mad Scientist - 10 Farm Cash

I suppose I'll have to forgive Zynga their error here. The Frankenstine (or Frankenstein, as it were) is not the monster, but the name of the scientist that brings him to life. Either way, if you want to dress as Frankenstein's Monster, you can now go right ahead (that is, unless Universal causes a stir based on their retained copyright/trademark).

All in all, these items will be available in the game's store for the next two weeks, with the exception of the Blue Oxen we told you about earlier. With plenty of time still left on the proverbial clock before Halloween proper arrives, I'm sure we'll continue to see plenty additional items released in the Halloween decoration theme, and you can be sure we'll give you a complete look at all future items just as soon as they're released.

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Which of these new items is your favorite? Did you get a Skeleton Cow when it was given away for free earlier this week, or are you splurging on one now? Sound off in the comments.