FarmVille Express, Words with Friends et al, to hit Facebook Mobile

FarmVille ExpressNow, why wasn't Gerard Butler hired to make this announcement? It seems as if the first phase of Facebook's Project Spartan is underway, as several HTML5--a relatively new coding language for the web--games and apps were announced on the Facebook Developer's Blog today. Zynga will launch FarmVille Express, Texas HoldEm Poker and Words with Friends to Facebook for mobile browsers tomorrow, but is joined by a number of games by big time developers.

Joining Zynga are Wooga with Magic Land: Island (a mobile extension of its most recent Facebook game), Moblyng with Social Poker Live and Word Racer Live and Storm8 with three releases: World War, iMobsters and Vampires Live. While the three Zynga games will be playable tomorrow, these six games are playable through Facebook on mobile browsers like Safari for iPhone or iPad right now.

We imagine Zynga will formally announce these three HTML5-powered games tomorrow at its Zynga Unleashed news event. Facebook just let one big cat out of the bag, revealing that EA too plans on releasing mobile browser games through the social network. (According to All Things Digital, that will start with an HTML5 version of The Sims Social.) All of these games support Facebook Credits, confirming earlier rumors, as well as all app-related Facebook Social Channels like Bookmarks, Requests and interactive News Feed posts.
Magic Land: Island
This means that users can answer both direct and News Feed requests for their favorite Facebook games through either the mobile web version of Facebook or the native Facebook app for iPhone and iPad (which launched today). Clicking on a Game Request or Bookmark through either form of Facebook will launch the relevant app should it exist and you have it installed.

This is a huge step forward for HTML5-based social games, especially considering Zynga's mobile head recently seemed not-so-bullish on the HTML5 movement in social games. And based on some brief time with Magic Land: Island, I can say that mobile browser-based gaming seems to have come a long way in the blink of an eye. Stay tuned tomorrow for more news from Zynga that will likely revolve around this huge if inadvertent announcement.

Are you excited at the chance to play lighter versions or companions to your favorite Facebook games through your phone's browser? What do you think of the HTML5 game movement generally? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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