CityVille: Francis Woods Neighborhood adds variety to your storage

If you've really latched onto the Neighborhoods feature in CityVille, which allow you to purchase square plots of land to store 15 homes in each (different kinds of homes are stored in different Neighborhoods), you'll be happy to know that there is a new kind of Neighborhood available to purchase. As it's likely that most players have more Family Residences than any other kind, this Francis Woods Neighborhood offers more of the same - storage for up to 15 Family Residences.

While that might seem like a waste, this new Neighborhood will give you a chance to add more variety to your storage solutions, at only a slightly higher cost. The base itself costs 12,500 coins, and must be whacked six times to complete. From there, you'll automatically gain two storage slots for two Family homes in its first "block." You'll then need to ask friends to fill out the staff positions for the next three storage slots, completing Block 1. From there, the process is the same as with other Neighborhoods: you'll need to ask for building materials to unlock Blocks 2 and 3, and then staff each Block before it can actually be used for storage.

As usual, it appears that you'll need to gather more materials to unlock Block 3 as you did for Block 2, making this a fairly time consuming process, even if it is incredibly convenient once all is said and done. Trust me, the bases of these Neighborhoods may be large, but as you continue to level up, only to expand your land after adding 1,000's of new citizens to your town, you'll appreciate the bulk storage in what then becomes a relatively small space.

With this update, we now have two Family Neighborhoods and one each for Apartments, Vacation Homes and Mansions, but that still doesn't take care of every single building in our town(s). We'll make sure to let you know when further Neighborhoods come along, and what kinds of homes they can store.

Will you build a Francis Wood Neighborhood in your town, or do you like the uniform look of multiple Gated Communities? Sound off in the comments.