Adventure World passes FarmVille, becomes #3 Facebook game

When FarmVille peaked at 80 million monthly players, many Facebook farmers would have never expected the game to lose its hold on the #1 Facebook game position. Then of course, things changed with the launch of CityVille, knocking FarmVille out of the top spot. Then sitting at number two, FarmVille was again pushed aside in favor of Sims Social, which currently sits at 66 million monthly players to CityVille's 76 million.

FarmVille, with its fluctuating player base of 30-35 million monthly players, held firm in third place according to AppData (for games, that is), but has now been upstaged once again by a newer, sleeker model: Zynga's own Adventure World. After starting from very humble beginnings, Zynga finally made an advertizing push for Adventure World within its other Facebook games. This, on top of the announcement that the game will officially see the arrival of Indiana Jones this month, has led to monumental growth, to the tune of 37 million monthly players and climbing.

While we could say that this marks another shovel of earth piled on top of a dying game, FarmVille still has plenty of life thanks to dedicated players. Whether they spend money or not, there are tons of folks who simply aren't ready to give up on their ever-growing farms, but that isn't to say they haven't adopted another love on the side.

Adventure World has gained almost eight million players in the last week alone. Does it have what it takes to tackle the biggest guns on the site in Sims Social and CityVille, or is it poised to perform a turn-around and drop off, like so many before it? We'll make sure to keep an eye on things and will let you know if this adventure for lost treasure has enough to pull it off.

Have you started playing Adventure World? How do you think the game compares to Zynga's other games on Facebook? Have you stopped playing any Facebook games in favor of others? Which ones? Sound off in the comments.