FarmVille: Corn Fence, Giant Maracija and Witch Scarecrow available for Farmer Appreciation Week

While it may be Sunday (and therefore technically the start of another week), that doesn't mean that you've missed out entirely on the goodies associated with FarmVille's Farmer Appreciation Week. In fact, three more items have been re-released in the game's store this weekend for the event, and all are available for coins. If you're into decorating for the Fall or Halloween seasons, you'll especially want to pay attention. Here's a look at the three items in detail:

Giant Maracija

  • Originally Released: Southwest Event 2010

  • Cost: 6,000 coins (formerly 4,440 coins)

  • XP Gained: 60

  • Sells for: 300 coins

Corn Fence (single piece)

  • Originally Released: Fall Event 2010

  • Cost: 8,000 coins (formerly 4,000 coins)

  • XP Gained: 80

  • Sells for: 400 coins

Witch Scarecrow

  • Originally Released: Halloween 2010

  • Cost: 100,000 coins (formerly 80,000)

  • XP Gained: 1,000

  • Sells for: 5,000 coins

Yet again, these three items have received a price hike over their original releases in the store, but you have to take a certain amount of convenience into mind when discussing them. Without this Farmer Appreciation Event, we could be left wanting, without access to purchasing these items at all. In that case, I think the simple fact that we've been allowed to purchase them again (either in bulk or individually) makes up for the increase in price, don't you?

We'll continue to bring you a look at all things related to the Farmer Appreciation Week in FarmVille, but remember - double mastery is still on, so make the most of it while you can!

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What do you think of these three re-released FarmVille items? Will you purchase the Corn Fence or Witch Scarecrow for your Halloween / fall decorating plans this year? Sound off in the comments.