The Sims Social celebrates Halloween with Werewolves vs Vampires week

Halloween has finally come to the Sims Social, but it comes with both good and bad news, all revolving around a single word: Twilight. If you love the Twilight series, vampires or werewolves in general, you'll probably love these new items. However, if you'd prefer more traditional Halloween decorations, like cute pumpkins, mummies or Frankenstein monsters, you'll be left hoping that EA/Playfish will add more items before Halloween comes and goes.

As for those items that are currently available, they come in a "Werewolves vs Vampires" theme. To start, you can choose from various clothing items to make your avatar look like one of the three main characters from the Twilight films, or you can stick to decorating your home. Here's a complete rundown of the new items in the game's store - I hope you've saved your Simoleons and SimCash for the occasion!

Note: These basic furniture items (tables, cabinets, chairs, etc.) are available in two color themes, but the items' designs and prices are the same. We'll only list one of each pair of items for your reference.

Trans-Van Lucy (Chair - Buildable)

  • Costs: 500 Simoleons

  • House Value: $350

UndyingClassics BC (Bookshelf)

  • Costs: 19 SimCash

  • House Value: $2800

  • Fun Stat: 3

UndyingClassics Bl (Chair)

  • Costs: 19 SimCash

  • House Value: $2800

UndyingClassics BT (Side-table)

  • Costs: 25 SimCash

  • House Value: $3700

Trans-Van Banquet (Dinner Table - Buildable)

  • Costs: 700 Social Points

  • House Value: $1900

Trans-Van Fang
(Armchair - Buildable)

  • Costs: 1650 Simoleons

  • House Value: $1600

Trans-Van Type O (Sofa - Buildable)

  • Costs: 900 Social Points

  • House Value: $2650

  • Sleep Stat: 3

Trans-Van Rest (Nightstand - Buildable)

  • Costs: 200 Social Points

  • House Value: $450

Trans-Van Vlad (Round Table - Buildable)

  • Costs: 600 Simoleons

  • House Value: $450

Cthulu's Mirror (Buildable)

  • Costs: 900 Simoleons

  • House Value: $800

Trans-Van Harker (Armoire - Buildable)

  • Costs: 850 Social Points

  • House Value: $2450

AfterLifestyle (Coffin Bed - Buildable)

  • Costs: 1750 Simoleons

  • House Value: $1650

  • Sleep Stat: 11

AfterLifestyle +1 (Coffin Double Bed)

  • Costs: 79 SimCash

  • House Value: $11,700

  • Sleep Stat: 11

Wallpaper Tear

  • Costs: 75 Social Points

  • House Value: $150

Bloody Bouquet

  • Costs: 175 Simoleons

  • House Value: $100

Deathly Bouquet

  • Costs: 175 Simoleons

  • House Value: $100

Trans-Van Lamp

  • Costs: 6 SimCash

  • House Value: $900

Vampire Ward 1/2

  • Costs: 166 Social Points

  • House Value: $350

Vampire Ward 2/2

  • Costs: 125 Social Points

  • House Value: $250

Bottle O' Blood

  • Costs: 175 Social Points

  • House Value: $400

Ancient Tomes

  • Costs: 175 Social Points

  • House Value: $400

Garlic Still Life (Painting)

  • Costs: 1,250 Simoleons

  • House Value: $1350

Blood-Soaked Rug

  • Costs: 675 Social Points

  • House Value: $1850

AfterLifestyle Ember (Fireplace)

  • Costs: 49 SimCash

  • House Value: $7250

Trans-Van Desklamp (Buildable)

  • Costs: 1,900 Simoleons

  • House Value: $1700

The Poison Thorn (Painting)

  • Costs: 1,150 Social Points

  • House Value: $3,300

Trans-Van Standing (Floor Lamp - Buildable)

  • Costs: 2,900 Simoleons

  • House Value: $2,300

Numica RIP C (Kitchen Counter - Buildable)

  • Costs: 350 Simoeons

  • House Value: $250

Numica Stake
(Kitchen Counter - Buildable)

  • Costs: 350 Simoleons

  • House Value: $250

It's For Awoooo (Phone)

  • Costs: 9 SimCash

  • House Value: $1350

  • Fun Stat: 3

  • Social Stat: 3

In addition to all of these items, there's also a Haunted Easel that costs 750 Social Points and must be built with friends. This particular item does allow you to raise a Haunted Easel painting skill, and as you earn more and more Skill Points, you'll unlock access to various themed paintings in the store.

What's more, the outdoor section of this theme is absolutely massive, containing various sections of metal fencing, shrubs, broken wooden fences, gargoyles, tombstones, dead trees and more. Items go for Social Points, Simoleons or even SimCash, so make sure to browse through this lengthy selection of items to find things you might enjoy having outside.

Finally, remember to look in the Build menu as well, as this theme contains a few window and door items, plus four wallpaper tiles and a treasure trove of floor tiles. Again, there are items there for any budget, so keep browsing long enough and you'll likely find something that will interest you.

Unfortunately, that's the entirety of the Halloween-themed items in the Sims Social thus far. I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed we're not seeing Jack-O'-Lanterns, cute flying ghosts or anything else that might be considered happier than scary, but hopefully, with a few weeks left before Halloween, we'll receive that sort of a theme as well. You can be sure we'll let you know if we do.

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What do you think of these Twilight-inspired Werewolves vs. Vampires items? Would you be satisfied if this was all of the Halloween items we see released, or do you want more classic items as well? Sound off in the comments.