FarmVille: Mini Stonehenge, Short Palms and Hanging Chilies back for Farmer Appreciation Week

If you've got 115,000 coins to spare in FarmVille, then I've got a trio of items you'll want to check out in the game's store. As part of the ongoing Farmer Appreciation Event, we've seen the re-release of three formerly retired, formerly exclusive decorations to the game's store. Here's a look at all three, so get those (virtual) wallets ready!

Mini Stonehenge

  • Originally Released: Earth Day 2010

  • Costs: 100,000 coins (formerly 12,000)

  • XP Gained: 1,000

  • Sells for: 5,000 coins

Short Palms

  • Originally Released: Southwest Event 2010

  • Costs: 10,000 coins (formerly 2,700)

  • XP Gained: 100

  • Sells for: 500 coins

Hanging Chilies

  • Originally Released: Southwest Event 2010

  • Costs: 5,000 coins (formerly 3,500)

  • XP Gained: 50

  • Sells for: 250 coins

As you can see, each of these three items has had a price increase (a significant one, in the case of the Mini Stonehenge) from the first time they were released in the store. While that might seem rude or "greedy" on Zynga's part, remember that these items used to be retired, and we had no guarantee of ever seeing them again. If you'd like to take your second chance at these items, now's the time, regardless of how much more expensive they are now.

This is especially true when you consider the items' time limit in the store: just under 11 hours, as of this writing. At that time, the items will go back into retirement, and we'll only have to wait and guess (without holding our breath) as to when they'll come back... if ever.

Will you purchase any of these Farmer Appreciation Week items in the store? What other items would you like to see re-released before this week / feature ends entirely? Sound off in the comments.