CityVille: Halloween Monster Ship shows up in city waters

While we've already been given a preview image of some of the items or at least monsters we'll be seeing in CityVille come Halloween, now, an in-game item has launched as well. If you look below your bridge (or, out on the water below where the bridge would be, west of the Beach), you'll see that a Halloween Ghost Ship of sorts has anchored in your water! It's full of monsters, but from what we can tell they appear to be friendly.

For whatever reason, the monsters have been kicked out of their former home(s) - probably because they were scaring too many of the villagers, and dealing with constant flaming torches and pitchforks is hard work - and we'll have to give them a new city to live in. Now, this could mean a few things. It could be as simple as us being able to purchase themed homes that would be fitting for a Frankenstein Monster or a Mummy (Dracula also appears to be floating there). Or, perhaps this is far more complicated, seeing us build a Haunted House or some sort of other collection event, where we'll need to collect Halloween-themed goodies to help give the monsters either a new place to live, or enough supplies to take their ship to another city (I'm going way back to the winter holiday season of last year for the idea of a collection event - remember the Christmas Tree?).

Personally, I'll do everything in my power to help these guys out, especially if it means they find a permanent home in my city. I hope they won't ship out after October 31, but we'll make sure to give you a complete rundown on how you can also help these ghouls once the feature officially launches.

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In the meantime, help us speculate about this upcoming release in the comments. Will we be able to build graveyards, haunted houses or pumpkin patches in our town for Halloween? What sorts of items do you hope are released? Sound off in the comments.