CityVille: Eco items go for round two in the store

Last week, I predicted that we'd see an additional set of Eco-themed items released in CityVille other than the small set we saw launch then. Turns out, I was exactly right. Additional green-friendly / green-living items have been released in the store, allowing you to take your love of the planet and fill your town with the same state of mind (I'm sure your citizens would thank you for it, if they could). Let's take a look at the new items that are available.

Solar Panel House (Residence)

  • Costs: 30 City Cash

  • Population: 290-560

  • Rent: 94 coins every hour

Bike Share (Business)

  • Costs: 40 City Cash

  • Required: 305 Goods

  • Supplies: 1,648 coins

Marshland (Decoration)

  • Costs: 4,500 coins

  • Payout Bonus: 8% to surrounding businesses and residences; bonus 8% to Eco theme

Organic Tomatoes (Crop)

  • Costs: 4 City Cash per plot

  • Harvest Time: Instant

  • Produces: 360 Goods per square

  • First Star of Mastery: 3 harvests

Water Purification Plant (Community Building)

  • Costs: 80 City Cash

  • Allows: Raises max population cap by 7,500

Wild Life Park (Decoration)

  • Costs: 27 City Cash

  • Payout Bonus: 27% to surrounding businesses and residences; bonus 27% to Eco theme

All told, there still aren't as many decorations in this theme as I personally would have liked, and I know most Mayors are going to be upset by how many items cost City Cash, but tale comfort in the knowledge that these items will still be around for 11 days. In that time, Zynga very well could release even a third set of Eco-themed items to the store, perhaps that time ones that go for coins. We'll make sure to let you know if that happens.

What do you think of these new Eco / Green items? Did you purchase all of those released in the first wave, or are you just getting into the swing of things now? Let us know in the comments.