Adventure World Cheats & Tips: Collection Rewards Guide

As you complete the various gameplay elements in Adventure World, you're practically guaranteed to receive various collection items for the game's current supply of 12 collections. These collections are pretty basic in terms of their requirements, but some items may be far more rare than others. Why do these collections matter? Well, some of the rewards here are fairly useful, and some are downright necessary to complete certain goals in Expeditions and Quests. Here's a complete look at the game's currently available collections, along with their rewards and where to get them.

Arrowhead Collection

El Dorado Collection

  • Reward: 1 Free Crew Member on your next Quest or Expedition

  • Found on Jungle Maps

Base Camp Collection

  • Reward: 1 Free Crew Member on your next Quest or Expedition

  • Found when completing tasks on your own Base Camp or on friends' Base Camps

Mountaineer Collection

Miner Collection

Gemstone Collection

  • Reward: Diamond Coating

  • Found on Cavern Maps

Rescued Animal Collection

  • Reward: Animal Habitat decoration

  • Found on Base Camps when tending to rescued animals

Warrior Collection

  • Reward: Thatch

  • Found on Mountain Maps

Jewelry Collection

  • Reward: Nails

  • Found on Volcano Maps

Weapon Collection

  • Reward: Obsidian Grip

  • Found on Volcano Maps

Conquistador Collection

  • Reward: Twine

  • Found on Temple Maps

Luxury Goods Collection

  • Reward: Gold Plating

  • Found on Temple Maps

As you can see, some of these prizes are incredibly useful, even outside of completing story quests, as they're building materials that can be used to upgrade your Tool Shop back in Base Camp. This will let you upgrade your tools so that you can complete more work on maps with less energy (always a good thing). Keep checking back with us as we bring you continued coverage on all things Adventure World and good luck opening El Dorado and beyond!

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How many of these collections have you completed already? Do you actively turn collections in, or do you wait until you need to for a quest / Expedition? Sound off in the comments.