Upset By Late Delivery, Minnesota Woman Allegedly Pulls Gun On UPS Driver

Talk about impatience.

According to a report by Minnesota television outlet KARE-TV, a Minnetonka woman pulled a rifle on a United Parcel Service deliveryman when he was late with her delivery. Sandra Jarrett was arrested by Minnetonka police in the incident.

As KARE-TV reported, the Monday morning incident ended without any injuries, and the driver was safely back at his truck by the time the police arrived. They smelled alcohol on Jarrett's breath.

According to a report by UPI, no information was released about the nature of the charges. But commentators expect a felony assault charge.

The parcel in question was a package of jewelry Jarrett had sent to herself after she left the items at a Georgia hotel during a vacation, according to a report by MyFox9. And she decided to go after the UPS deliveryman not because of his own tardiness, but rather, as a reaction to the delay in delivery. She had requested the parcel to be delivered on Saturday, not Monday, when it finally came to her doorstep.

She responded by saying she wanted to talk to a UPS supervisor. As that was being looked into, the UPS deliveryman attempted to leave. Jarrett said she wasn't about to allow that. So she marched into her house and returned with the firearm. Jarrett's husband keeps the rifle to shoot squirrels that enter their backyard.

She never pointed it directly at him, and she said she had no plans to take him hostage. But Jarrett did say she never misses.

UPS Driver Met by Woman With Rifle in Minnetonka :

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