Pioneer Trail Ghost Town Haunted Garden: Everything you need to know

Rounding out the three major building projects in Pioneer Trail's Ghost Town event is the Haunted Garden. This building is also the prettiest of the three (the Giant Cauldron and Shagbark Tree being the other two), but of course, this isn't about looks - it's about completing the construction on these three buildings as quickly as possible so you can earn all of the awards available back in Ghost Town. This Haunted Garden is required for the Mad Scientist portion of the Ghost Town goals, and while it may be voluntary (that is, you don't necessarily have to build one on your Homestead), you must build one to complete the Ghost Town event in full. Here's a complete guide to constructing the Haunted Garden and completing the three goals that go with it.

Plantin' Purple

  • Tend 20 Animals

  • Harvest 30 Garlic

  • Clear 20 Stumps on your Homestead

If you're planning ahead, make sure to shop for some saplings from the store and let them grow up one stage to generate stumps when cleared. Or, you can always pull out any fully grown trees you happen to have in your inventory, which (while requiring plenty of energy to clear) are guaranteed to give you a stump much quicker.

As for building the Haunted Garden itself, it needs to be purchased from the store for around 1,000 coins. From there, you'll finish its construction with the following building materials:

  • 10 Ghostly Pot

  • 10 Freaky Fertilizer

  • 10 Plant Fiddles

  • 15 Spooky Pumps

  • 15 Scary Seeds

  • 15 Ethereal Pest Sprays

The Ghostly Pots, Freaky Fertilizers and Plant Fiddles are earned via a general news post placed on your wall, while the other three items are earned via individual gift requests sent out to friends.

Wearin' Protection

  • Clear 8 Thorns

  • Harvest 50 Peas

  • Get 10 Garden Gloves

This is another goal where you might want to plan ahead, as Peas take a full two days to grow. If you can, I'd suggest placing 50 Peas in an open corner of your Homestead just to have them ready when this goal does eventually roll around.
Bein' Neighborly

  • Revive 30 Withered Crops on Neighbors' Homesteads

  • Collect 2 Daily Bonuses from the Haunted Garden

  • Get 15 Hand Trowels

While I would love to say that simply heading to the far left of your friends list to visit long-missing neighbors would easily earn you the 30 withered crops, that unfortunately may not be the case. If you have a group of willing active neighbors though, you can always ask them to plant five squares of Clover in a corner of their Homestead so you (and others) could unwither them after a short time.

Either way, once you've finished the construction on the Haunted Garden, you'll need to use this building to craft items that will be used back in the Ghost Town itself. In this way, completing its construction is just as important as keeping track of your progress on the Ghost Town goals themselves, as you don't want to find yourself stuck building this Haunted Garden at the last minute just to continue on. Good luck!

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What do you think of this Haunted Garden? Are you excited to tackle the entire Ghost Town event in Pioneer Trail? Sound off in the comments.