Pioneer Trail Ghost Town Goals: Everything you need to know

Just this morning, we brought you a detailed look at what we could expect from the launch of Pioneer Trail's Halloween Ghost Town event, and wouldn't you know it? You can now see all of this spooky goodness for yourself! That's right, the feature has now started to roll out to users, so let's jump right into our look at this truly massive Halloween event, including its goals.

First things first, when visiting Ghost Town for the first time, you'll see a cutscene - a basic overview of the map, where you and your three trail mates (a Mad Scientist, Sharpshooter and Shaman) enter the map. You're told that the town's evil mayor has placed a curse on Ghost Town, and has locked himself in his mansion behind three large locks. Each lock can be opened with a different key, with the keys being guarded by three monsters. Your group of characters quickly volunteers to help the townspeople by removing the curse, and after being told you're completely insane for attempting it, you are finally allowed to start.

Your very first goal trio is called the "Beginning Missions," according to Zynga. Here, we'll see an overview to this massive map, introducing you to the various items you can interact with, all of which (of course) are themed to Halloween.

Spirit 'N' Clear It
  • Cure Five Cursed Chickens
  • Collect One Spirit

Cursed animals can be found by having your Sharpshooter take action. In the same way as you'll find turkeys and other animals in the Pioneer Trail proper, here, cursed animals are found instead. However, for this first goal, it's possible to find these Cursed Chickens simply floating around the map. Cursed Chickens can be cured by using your Shaman. However, you don't have to manually click on your Shaman to make them work - you can simply click on the item you want to interact with (in this case the Chickens) and your Shaman will automatically be selected. The same can be said for the rest of the event: the game automatically chooses the appropriate character and activates them when you click on an item. As for finding the Spirit, these ghosts appear when you complete actions with your Shaman, so keep curing those Cursed Chickens until a ghost frog or other creature appears. Then click on the ghost animal itself to receive the Spirit. Finishing this first goal gives you 100 XP, 5 Charms (the currency used to purchased themed decorations for your Homestead) and 250 coins.

Charmin' With Science
  • Tend Seven Frankenfruit Trees
  • Collect Two Potions
  • Collect a Daily Bonus from Any Ghost Town Building

Just like buildings back on your Homestead, you can collect daily bonuses from these Ghost Town buildings as well. There's a Tailor, Saloon and more, so just take your pick! The Frankenfruit Trees are incredibly widespread around the map, and stand out with their pink and blue Frankenstein's Monster shaped fruit. Your Mad Scientist will be the one tending these trees, and by completing actions with him you'll have a chance to receive Man Eating Plants that appear at random. Tackle these Venus Flytraps and you'll receive Potions. Completing this second goal gives you 100 XP, 10 Charms and 250 coins.

Shootin' 'N' Shoppin'
  • Chop Hoary Elm Trees Five Times
  • Clear Five Skeletal Remains
  • Buy a Spider Web in the Ghost Town Market

The Hoary Elm Trees are a dark brown color, and are predominantly found behind the Ghost Town Tailor, Saloon, etc. They have a hole in their trunk and don't offer fruit, making them different from the Frankenfruit Trees which they do slightly resemble. Each of the fully grown trees takes 12 whacks to clear, so you'll have no problem chopping into one five times. This is accomplished by your Sharpshooter, which can bring our cursed animals, as I said above. By removing cursed animals, you'll receive Hides. As for the Skeletal Remains, they're found scattered around the map, and serve as a kind of "debris." Finally, the Spider Web costs 5 Hides, and when you purchase it, it will be sent back into your inventory at home.

After finishing these first three goals, you'll be done with the introduction, and can move onto other goals, each of which again focuses on your three team members. There are three sets of four goals each, and all three series can be worked on simultaneously. There are tasks here that must be completed back on your original Homestead as well, but we'll point those out where necessary.

Sharpshooter Goals

Calm the Shakin' Sheriff!
  • Clear 10 Skeletal Remains
  • Craft Two Warming Pads at the Ghost Town Clock Tower
  • Complete a Giant Cauldron on your Homestead

The Warming Pads are crafted using five Hides and one Potion each, so you'll need to use your Sharpshooter to bring out cursed animals, and your Mad Scientists to bring out Venus Flytraps to collect both ingredients. As for the Giant Cauldron, this is a themed building project that must be undertaken back on your Homestead. We'll have a complete guide to building the Giant Cauldron just as soon as possible. You can check out our complete guide to building the Giant Cauldron, and finishing its goals right here. Finish this goal and you'll receive 100 XP, 5 Charms and a Joshua Tree decoration.

Shadows and Shades
  • Chop Down 5 Hoary Elms
  • Collect 20 Hides
  • Ask for 15 Hoary Handcuffs

Be careful about the wording here - you must chop five entire trees down, not just chop a single tree five times. As for the Hides, you might be lucky enough to receive all of those by chopping the trees, but if not, I suppose this is where the ability to ask your friends for Hides come in pretty handy.

Howlin' at the Moon!
  • Destroy 40 Spider Webs
  • Collect 30 Hides
  • Ask for 15 Coyote Decoys

The Spider Webs can be found scattered around the map. If, by the time you get to this goal, there aren't 40 ready to be removed at once, let some time pass and they should grow back like debris.

Defeat the Old Bones Gang!
  • Craft 6 Skull Cannonballs inside the Giant Cauldron on your Homestead
  • Craft 5 Machinist's Gloves in the Ghost Town Clock Tower
  • Complete the Skull Cannon to blast the Old Bones Gang

Machinist's Gloves are made using 5 Hides and one Handstiches each. Once you finish this trio of goals, you'll be one step closer to defeating the Mayor, and will apparently receive your first key.

Shaman Goals

A Great Host of Ghosts
  • Cure 15 Cursed Cows
  • Collect 10 Spirits
  • Ask your friends to fill out a Ghost Hunting Crew

The Cows are found floating around the Ghost Town map, and by curing them you'll bring out the ghosts that can be cured for Spirits. As for the Ghost Hunting Crew, just ask five friends to help you out. When you have all five, the goal will be complete, and you'll receive 100 XP, 5 Charms and a Haunted Grave decoration as rewards.

To Build a Better Box
  • Craft 4 Ornate Cushions in the Ghost Town Chapel
  • Complete a Shagbark Tree on your Homestead
  • Ask your friends for 20 Coffin Nails

Yet again, we're given another building project back for our true Homesteads. We'll have a guide to building the Shagbark Tree as soon as possible.You can check out our complete guide to building the Shagbark Tree (and complete its missions) right here.

Rise 'N' Shine!
  • Cure 30 Cursed Animals
  • Put 20 Ghosts back in their Haunted Graves
  • Collect 30 Spirits

The Haunted Graves are easily noticeable, as they have bright blue ghosts floating into the air from beneath the tombstones. Just click on 20 of those (even if you have to wait a while for them to regenerate) and you'll finish this particular task. Also, in the meantime, you'll likely have received plenty of Ghosts which will give you the remaining spirits you need.

The Ghost of Huge Hugh
  • Craft 6 Tainted Nuts in the Shagbark Tree on your Homestead
  • Craft 5 Holy Club Sodas
  • Serve Huge Hugh Dinner on a Romantic Dinner Barrel

Here we are again, at another "boss battle." This one requires you to craft the Holy Club Sodas inside the Chapel using five Spirits and one Burnin' Berries each. The Berries can be gathered by asking your friends to send them to you.

Mad Scientist Goals

Veggie Vengeance
  • Curse 20 Cursed Pumpkins
  • Collect 10 Potions
  • Ask friends for 8 Power Pruners

There are patches of cursed, dark pumpkins scattered around the Ghost Town map, and hopefully by curing them you'll receive 10 Venus Flytraps to earn the Potions. Just ask your friends for the Power Pruners and you'll finish this one off to receive 100 XP, 5 Charms and a Minecart Garden decoration.

Infection Inspection
  • Tend 35 Frankenfruit Trees
  • Collect 20 Potions
  • Complete a Haunted Garden on your Homestead

For one final time, we're left heading back to our Homesteads to complete another building project. We'll have a guide to the Haunted Garden for you just as quickly as possible.Check out our complete guide to building the Haunted Garden, and completing its goals, right here.

The Odd Orchard
  • Chop Withered Oak Trees 20 Times
  • Cure 30 Cursed Corn
  • Craft 5 Detox Elixirs int the Ghost Town Saloon

Withered Oaks are the pale green trees on the map. For the corn, you can find a massive portion of it in the very bottom corner of the map, but if you can't find all 30 in one sitting, just let some time pass and more will eventually appear. Finally, Detox Elixirs are crafted using five Potions and one Spirit each.

Briary Behemoth
  • Craft 6 Doses of Weed Killer in the Haunted Garden on your Homestead
  • Craft 5 Squirtin' Bags at the Ghost Town Saloon
  • Complete the Sprayin' Apparatus to defeat the Briary Behemoth

One last boss to take down for a key, partners. The Squritin' Bags are crafted using five Potions and one Fat Sack each. Again, just ask your friends to help you out by sending any of these materials over, if you don't feel like earning the Potions using Gumption.

At this point, you will have received the three keys, and will be ready to challenge the Mayor in his mansion. You'll have one final goal to complete - that being to unlock the three Locks blocking your access into the Mansion. Good luck!

Check out the rest of our Halloween coverage right here.

What do you think of the Pioneer Trail Ghost Town goals, or the event in general? Are you happy to see the Homestead included in this event, or would you rather it all just be central to this one map? Sound off in the comments.
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