Pioneer Trail Ghost Town Giant Cauldron: Everything you need to know

As part of the Pioneer TrailGhost Town event, you'll need to build a Giant Cauldron. This Cauldron serves as a "building" on your Homestead that you can craft items inside (the main purpose of building one to begin with), but it also comes along with a series of three goals. Here's a complete guide to building the Giant Cauldron, and to complete those goals.

Addin' to the Mix

  • Harvest 20 Cotton

  • Clobber 10 Snakes

  • Get 20 Tangy Sauce Bottles

You'll only be able to receive these goals once you've placed the Giant Cauldron onto your Homestead. From there, you'll need to clear debris to bring out snakes, plant the cotton (it takes three days to grow) and ask your friends for the Tangy Sauce Bottles. The Giant Cauldron itself costs around 1,000 coins to purchase from the store. Finishing this first goal gives you 500 XP, 20 Charms and 250 coins. Charms are used as a currency in the Ghost Town map, allowing you to unlock prizes back on your Homestead proper.

As for constructing the Giant Cauldron, you'll need to collect the following materials:

  • 10 Spice Racks

  • 10 Metal Filings

  • 10 Rusty Handles

  • 15 Glowing Oozes

  • 15 Snackronomicons

  • 15 Twisted Firewoods

The Spice Racks, Metal Filings and Rusty Handles are earned through general news posts on your feed, while the other three items are earned through specific gift requests sent to individual friends.

Bubblin' Brouhaha

  • Visit 40 Neighbors

  • Chop Oak Trees 50 Times

  • Get 20 Eyes of Newts

Keep in mind as to the wording of the first two tasks here. You don't have to visit 40 unique neighbors, and you don't have to chop down 50 entire Oak Trees. That should save you some heartache overall, as you can simply purchase Oak Saplings from the store (or earn them from collection prizes) and visit the same neighbors more than once across subsequent days to finish those two tasks.

Sinister Seasonings

  • Clear 10 Skulls

  • Collect 2 Saily Bonuses from the Cauldron

  • Get 20 Venom Vials

By this point, the game expects you to have completed the Cauldron's construction, so make sure to get on that as soon as possible (after all, your progress back in Ghost Town depends on it). Remember, you can earn free Skulls by turning in the Cow or Graveyard collections.

Again, building a Giant Cauldron on your Homestead is ultimately voluntary, but if you want to complete the storyline in the Ghost Town Halloween event, you must build and complete one (and then use it to craft items later on). Make sure to frequently ask for these building materials, as there's no telling when exactly Ghost Town will vanish, but you won't want to miss out on all of the prizes available therein!

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What do you think of this Giant Cauldron? Are the goals that accompany it too difficult, or do you appreciate a challenge? Sound off in the comments.