Masters of Mystery hits Facebook as, yes, another hidden-object game

Masters of Mystery Online
At this point, we're surprised I Spy hasn't hit Facebook yet. Canadian developer Big Blue Bubble announced that its Masters of Mystery series has hit Facebook in a brand new, aptly-named game, Masters of Mystery: Online. The game takes a look at the stereotypical gritty world of a beat cop-turned-private investigator as he attempts to uncover the truth behind a murder case.

More specifically, a model is found killed in the apartment of a prominent fashion designer, and it's up to you to figure out, well, whodunnit' through--what else?--hidden object gameplay. According to a release, the plot will only unfurl as you add more friends to your list of helpers, and for fans of the franchise, some familiar characters will return to help you.
Masters of Mystery Online Gameplay
Players are scored for how quickly they find the objects listed across four chapters and 24 levels. From the currency you'll earn by performing well in the game's several stages, you can outfit your office with decorations for friends to check out. Of course, there will be daily rewards to collect and weekly content updates of new quests, as well as achievements for special milestones.

Sure, it's another hidden-object game, but that genre is arguably new on Facebook, surprisingly enough. If you've had your fill of the ornate, historic scenery of Facebook's top hidden-object game, Gardens of Time, then maybe it's time to put your police cap on. The game currently welcomes a whopping 47 players, but give it a break--it's 100 percent fresh.

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