How To Dress For Success

It all starts with the suit

Since the suit is the foundation for your entire wardrobe, it's important to make sure you have a range of looks- not just for around the office, but for power lunches, off-site meetings, and special presentations where all eyes are upon you.

When considering a new suit, remember that your best look begins with comfort and fit. That's why we offer Traditional, Athletic, and Modern cuts to work best with your build and give you room to express your own sense of style. Once you know what looks and feels great, we'll help you choose from a variety of designer brands to round out your wardrobe with a mix of solids, pinstripes, and two- or three-button styles.

In today's big meeting, you're representing your company. Do you have what it takes to make the right statement?

  • Classic two-button suit with a great fit
  • New dress shirt and coordinating tie
  • Top-quality shoes and matching belt
  • Accessories to enhance your overall look

Dress Codes

To create a full and more functional wardrobe, you'll want to consider what's appropriate for your workplace. If your company has an established dress code, be sure to start from there, then make choices that reflect your own personality and style. Keep in mind how often you'll need to suit up for these types of business environments:

Business Formal

For client meetings and presentations, you'll want a dark charcoal or navy suit in a solid or subtle pinstripe pattern. A crisp blue or white shirt and power tie keep things formal. For a touch of sophistication, choose a French cuff shirt with low-key cuff links and lace-up in leather shoes.

Business Standard

Relax your look with suits in lighter grays, earth tones, or linens. A solid dress shirt works well for the office, paired with a complementing striped or patterned tie and slip-on leather shoes.

Business Casual

Remember, casual doesn't mean unprofessional. So why not choose a sport coat in textured fabric, paired with slacks, khakis, or denim. Complete the look with an open collar, long sleeve sport, or knit top, and a pair of casual shoes and you're good to go.

Sport coats and pants

You've got the suits you need to look professional. Now it's time to add a few more key items you'll want to have on hand. For a relaxed alternative to a full suit, think about buying a blazer or sport coat, available in a variety of styles, and pair it with contrasting slacks or jeans. If you don't already own one, choose a versatile navy or black blazer you can dress up or down and use for numerous occasions. And remember that almost any solid suit coat can double as a blazer when worn with contrasting pants to create a perfect take on business casual.

Your client is calling with a last-minute dinner invitation. Are your clothes going to alter the plans? Be prepared with a quick-change outfit stashed in your office:

  • Personal grooming kit
  • Fresh shirt and tie
  • Gray or navy sport coat
  • Shoeshine wipes

Shirts, ties, and finishing touches

Shirts and ties are an easy way to switch up the entire look of your suit. So come in to Men's Wearhouse and we'll help you create a stylish collection of colors, patterns, and textures to keep things fresh and interesting. Along with must-have colors white and light blue, you'll want to add other options in solids, stripes, and checks, plus a variety of ties in stripes and patterns. You'll find features like non-iron fabrics that are perfect for business travel. Plus inbreakable buttons that stand up to regular laundering and wear.

Of course, you'll want to put your best foot forward in a great pair of shoes that look as sharp as you do. A complete business wardrobe includes not only formal black lace-ups, but also burgundy and brown. You'll also want belts to match your shoe color and pull it all together. And don't forget other accessories like dress socks, pocket squares, and cuff links for a touch of sophistication and detail.

Proper Fit


  • Should fit squarely over shoulders and lie smoothly across back
  • Collar should follow the silhouette of neckline and lapels should lay flat
  • Sleeves should end at or just below wrists with 1/4 inch of shirt sleeve exposed


  • Fit should allow a finger to be inserted between collar and neck
  • Sleeve length should match arm extension without bunching at the wrist


  • Once tied and in place, it should end at the top of belt
  • Knot should be snugly centered between collar tips


  • Should rest right at waist and fit comfortably around hips
  • Should just barely break at the top of shoe

Look great indoors and out

Your outerwear should keep you warm and dry wherever you go. But you also want it to complement your look and protect your good clothes from whatever nature dishes out.

For colder climates, a wool topcoat lets you bundle up in winter and still look business-appropriate. Look for longer lengths to keep pants safe from rain, salt, and grime.

Of course, a lightweight raincoat is a must-have for any business wardrobe. Today's wrinkle-free fabrics can retain their shape and look great even after a long day on the road.

Are you prepared for a last-minute business trip? To look great and stay comfortable rain or shine, you'll want to have:

  • Lightweight travel garment bag
  • A selection of non-iron shirts
  • Lambswool or cashmere scarf
  • Leather gloves and hat or cap
  • Compact umbrella and rain jacket

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